Remains of scholomance

So, i was thinking of making a guild, "Remains of Scholomance"

After the darkmaster died, my char as one of his students will want to rise Scholomance to its former glory

I was thinking we could have some high lvles clear out the dungeon and then we could rp in there (The mobs despawn´after time)

we could be divided into lessons of, Fleshcrafting, Necromancing (The raising the dead part) And Chemistry.

Any advice/ideas?
im sure darkmaster will be back soon since we all know scholomance was merely a setback
In the new one im sure, the talking skull said he couldn´t be back?
i'm sorry we can't be really sure when we talk about things in wow because we have seen too many examples of those in past.

i had been in raids that killed ragnaros,nefarian they all came back.I'm not a roleplayer but i dont have to be one for appreciating great atmosphere of scholomance for you guys.they all come back :/
We could change it so instead of rising it, we just continue it, and my char will be a high standing member of scholomance
But ofcourse the headmaster comes back, he does it every day or once an hour, depending on the difficulty mode. *nod*

In anycase, you do realize you cant bring more than five people inside the instance. You'll be more like a private school than this dreadful legacy of scholomance. Why do you have to limit yourself to the cramped instance, there are other sinister locales you can continue its work that are not limited by being instances.

Besides, even without the limitations of instancing your concpet doesnt sound very interesting since it would be pretty much just a private club that hangs around this one place where no one else can get you. RP is about interaction between characters, not about barricading yourself inside a virtual room where you can do whatever you please. The latter is called fantasizing.
Admittedly, on a realm, and in a time, far far away, I'd planned to do exactly this. I couldn't find the people for it, and the concept died quickly. I'd readily commit to this concept should there be the necessary interest.
I get your points, i Will Think and look for a location in the open World to do it :D
Caer Darrow.
Off topic, but...

05/09/2012 11:40Posted by Marysue
i had been in raids that killed ragnaros

In Molten Core, we didn't kill Ragnaros... We merely sent him back to his elemental plane.

In order to kill an elemental you have to go to their elemental plane and kill them there.

As of Firelands, Ragnaros is now (officially) dead.
Scholomance is no more.

After the Crusaders victory against the Scourge in the Plaguelands, following Crusader doctrines, Scholomance has by now either been:

1. Leveled with the ground.


2. Purified and turned into a sanctuary of the light, temple or idol of light's victory against darkness.

Lorewise, I highly doubt Scholomance as a school if Necromancy is anything more than just a grim footnote in the pages of history by now :)
Scholomance still stands lorewise, there are no indication that it's happen to date that Scholomance is gone, as we know Baron rivendare died several years after the original WoW was released, and same with Edwin VanCleef, so no indication that Scholomance or their leaders are dead, and its a very large bastion and could very well hold out against their enemies.

Of course, if one want to RP in there, they should be cult of the damned allied to even be able to be around there.

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