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I have downloaded the update tools and then this message pops up in front of the window with the install button "Failed to download a required installation file ( Please check your internet connection and try again"

well my internet is fine and any help would be much appreciated :)
I forgot to mention this is for the 5.0.4 patch update :)
i also get this if i turn off my default proxi pass on the Blizzard Launcher.exe, but if i dont turn it off it just tells me i lost connection and need to restart. please help
I got so think i will follow here

What is this suppose to mean... I just bought the MoP patch and a month gametime.

I installed it got the problem ( above )*, uninstalled it and then REinstalled it which took me 3 hours per time. And the result was again ( above )*

My internet has no problems because I can play it on other computers.
I hope there will be a solution for this issue as soon as possible.

PS: I downloaded WoW on new pc

Can you go into Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options> Connections> LAN settings and make sure that you de-select Automatically Detect settings.

And make sure that you haveUse Automatic configuration Script and Use a Proxy server not checked.
I have tried logging in this morning and It came up with 'Failed to download a require file. Please check your internet connection and try again'

I have followed the steps above on my internet browser (Chrome) and it still comes up with the same message. what should I do?
Done what you said Lurdlespor in both IE and Google Chrome but I am still getting the error.

What should we do now?
I get the same error from just trying to install the game from scratch, any suggestions?

I've already done what was said above and it didnt help
I'm having the same problem, however I'm using a MacBook. The problem have lasted since the new hotfix was released.
same issue here and tried everything :(
Anyone found a way to fix this?
same issue overhere :(
I have a failed to read required problem problem. I delete all my anti-viruses and close my firewall delete my folder just done everything. Also I couldn't reinstall the game because it needs a launcher to and it said me the same problem?

What can i do now? Is there any way to download Wow without Launcher??

What about Mac users?

I can't play at all at the moment.

Come on!
There are numerous of people that cant play.

They really need to fix this problem asap
i have this problem too :(
same problems, hate that kind of stuff ( Mac User)
solve it by using 32 bit startup instead of the 64 bit app (mac)

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