Blizzard standard raid frame and how to remove it?

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I've been looking for a addon that removes this the standard blizzard unit frames.
I've been using grid for ages and it's the best way for me to heal.

Does anyone know any addon that removes/hides these blizz raid frames completely WITHOUT messing up any addon raid frames (such as grid)?
After all this time THERE HAS TO BE ONE!?

Please do help.

Dont think you need an add on as this stumped me as well. Think i got rid of it by clicking that little tab you get when you join a group/raid at the top left hand side. There is an option on that to stop showing blizz raid frame. But i could be wrong was a while ago.
Yeah it's there, an option to "hide". But you still have that square thingy that you measure the scale of the raid ui frames showing. It's just there, in the middle of your screen, like a dumb !@#. Ofcourse, I can move it around. BUT I don't want crap lying around in the middle of my screen. Then when you press the arrow to hide the freaking window, you still get some crap hanging out on the side of your screen.

Now don't get me wrong, blizzard has done a fine light weight raid frame. There's nothing wrong with it. Only problem is, some of us old school players used raid unit frames addons such as Grid & Healbot in the past. I know how to set it up well, i'm happy with the way it looks and I'll be damned if i have to change. Infact I won't change. So I rather remove an other raid unit frame application in my ui. I think that should be understandable and respected.

I mean if some bluie is reading this, please take this up with your superiors. It's not a major thing, but now everytime i enter a raid, I have to click a macro I found to completely remove the standard blizzard unit frames and window completely. They are both useless for me as I won't be raid leading or using that little panel AT ALL. It's just there, taking up ui-memory and being annoying.

My 5 cents. Thank you.
31/08/2012 02:25Posted by Ero
But you still have that square thingy that you measure the scale of the raid ui frames showing.

Tick "Lock" and that one should disappear too works wonders...

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