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i just downloaded patch 5.0.4 and it all seems fine, but when i log onto wow im online for 5 sec then im disconnected and my internet screws up so i have to reboot it, whats the problem?
Exactly the same problem here.... I Have raised a ticket and its taken over a day to come back to me.

I also have had a post for the last day 1/2 and no reply as of yet if you find a solution please post it here! I'm Looking!
just posted a ticket and now waiting for response, cant take to bloody long, got raid soon;)
Wouldnt hold your breath mate.... i posted my ticket @ 31/8/2012 11:21 ... stilll waiting for a first reply....
Going...... UP

Can you go to the System menu on the login page, and here lower the Water Details option?

Then see what happens.

If you still get disconnected, can you also check the configuration of your network adapter:
I had this response and unfortunately it didnt work for me i had all graphics on low and the router is fine.

please suggest another "fix"
Same problem for me. Played without problem the whole morning and from around 17:00 today, I keep getting kicked out of the game (connection problem). Even my character on the low pop realm. Sometimes it goes ok for a minute or 2 but sometimes after just a couple of seconds.
No mods used other than wowheads.

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