Legion 7.1.5. - Common Issues [15.02.]

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Welcome to Patch 7.1.5! If you experience issues when logging in after the latest patch, reset your user interface and remove all addons!

Here's what you are contacting us about the most right now:
  • Artifact Research Notes: Can't start a new work order
    NOT A BUG: The current cap on Artifact Knowledge in Legion is 25. Upon reaching rank 25, you may not gain any further artifact research. Our gamemasters are unable to allow players to research Artifact Knowledge beyond rank 25.
  • "Unleashed Monstrosities" Artifact Appearance cannot be used
    NOT A BUG: In order to be able to use the tint unlocked by Unleashed Monstrosities, you need to unlock the base Valorous artifact appearance via Improving on History first. To get the Improving on History achievement, you have to complete the Balance of Power questline.
  • Quest: Eye of Gul'dan not appearing in "The Nighthold: Darkness Calls"
    FIXED: An issue with this quest was been patched at the beginning of the month, but we continue to receive some queries in regards to this encounter. Remember that you must be on the quest when Gul'dan dies, and that it has to be the first kill of Gul'dan on any difficulty for the week.
  • Quest: "Fate of the Nightborne" cannot be completed
    KNOWN ISSUE: If you can't see Thalyssra, this is caused by leaving the Nighthold too quickly. Abandon the quest and start it again. Once you you talk to Oculeth for a port back to the Nighthold, you'll be able to watch the event, and then turn in the quest. If you are ported to the Stairs right after Trilliax when speaking to Oculeth, you can walk further into the raid, to the bridge where Suramar City meets with The Nighthold. You will be ported to Thalyssra and the event will start.
  • Dangerous Love - Achievement Not Granted
    KNOWN ISSUE: We are aware that the Dangerous Love achievement may not be granted after completing the required quests. The issue is being worked on but please note that Customer Support will not be able to grant this achievement.[/li]

Please report any additional suspected bugs using the “Submit Bug” option in the ingame support portal

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