Problems with installing WoW/updating to patch 5.0.4

Technical Support
Failed to download a required installation file ( Please check your internet connection and try again.

That is what I get as an error when I tried to Update to the new pre-mop Patch today.I decided to re-install the game, I still got the same error when clicking Install.

Any1 have any idea?
I had no problems with WoW yesterday, this Problem Occured today after the patch.
Try deleting your "C:\ProgramData\" (Windows 7, other OS may have similar paths) folder and starting the launcher again.
same happend to me what i do ?
Same here : ( unable to install and no folder to uninstall...
Mine just goes on the Updating setup files window and gets about halfway through and doesnt do anything for hours. :S
I have the problem to...
Yup same...lets hope a GM comes soon to save our butts
Mine just hangs on the 15-60 minute reconfigure thing - percentage doesn't increase from 0%
Mine just goes on the Updating setup files window and gets about halfway through and doesnt do anything for hours. :S

I have this aswell, have tried the "fixes" posted on this forum but it's not helping.
I've got this problem too =/
mine goes through 2 minuets of downloading and then comes up with a message saying could not connect to tracker, internet is all fine so its not that but any advice on what to do?
made my own post about the same issue here done exactly the same where i have had to delete wow completely even deleted the programdata file and still can do nothing i just have to keep trying to reinstall now what a joke someone sort this out
First of all, i had problems when it was still cataclysm launcer it downloaded updated tools abit and then it told cant connect to tracker, i simply kept running it because it got further and further every time, i finally got to mists of pandaria launcher and now it says unable to download required update, please check your network and try again. This is fustrating, we are not paying you for having such a problem with updates, i also had no problems with previous updates with this network and computer, i also did all the *fixes* but it still doesnt work.
Guyz, paste this: "C:\ProgramData\" in my computer and DELETE all filles!

Problem Solved!

**Note** you will need to enable hidden files and folders on your system in order to see the Program Data folder.
That didnt work for me:(
warxyu you are teh man!!!! worked for me ty alot :DD
Hmm, can't fint that folder you talking about, and have tryed search for it, but nothing comes up:s And it seems like i cant do so I can see the hidden files if even there are any on my computer with WoW.
Kinda pisses me off its just keep comeing with the same "error" that i have to check my internet connecting when i have tryed anything that i could:(
I think we should all wait until battlenet or blizzard does something

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