Buff/Debuff Timer problems.

Interface and Macros
So after 5.0.4 hit, all of a sudden my Buff/Debuff timers disappeared. I now have to type in /script SHOW_BUFF_DURATIONS="1" every time I log in and it gets rather annoying.

Along with that, after having my timers dissapear, the buff icons have gotten closer together when they go to the 2nd row of buffs, and they overlap with the timer which appears when I type in my script.

This isn't caused by any sort of addon since I've already tried removing my Interface, WTF and Cache folders. Are there any other fixes for this other than having to remember to type in the script every single time I log in.
To get timers go to your

WoW folder -- WTF -- Account -- Account Name -- config-cache.wtf -- open .wtf with notepad and insert following text:
SET buffDurations "0"
above the line with
SET showToastWindow "0"

save the file and reload the ui

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