Rank 1 holders Elo Rating System/Inactivit Penalty MoP


It is time for PUZSY Rank 1 holders that go inactive for more than 4 weeks to get INSTANTLY drop to rank 2 FOLLOWING further ratings drop if inactivity CONTINUOUS.

Champions do not duck fights ( except Jon Jones, UFC Light heavyweight Champ ) so it is a complete total absolute disgrace allowing Rank 1s to go Inactive without penalty.

The reason and motives why people SIT ON RANK 1 is IRRELEVANT!

It is IRRELEVANT if you get sponsored and use that money for a living.

It is IRRELEVANT if you SIT ON RANK 1 ducking fights waiting for a title, YOU LL BE A FAKE.

People crying on videos because they had their account hacked it should happen more often if the ELO SYSTEM is not introduced.

League of Legends uses this system the game currently DOMINATES esports.

Is this 100% or just idea?
Watch out guis he's got World Wide Winner, seems like a hardcore arena pro.

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