Please help me stop being a clicker.

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I know its terrible, its shameful even, especially considering I have been playing World of Warcraft since the classic Beta but I just never got around to doing it. I always said to myself I'll start using binds next week, and week after week I kept looking at the keyboard like it was the elephant in the room.

Well no more! I actually want to be good at the game for a change, and after recently upgrading to a new computer I splashed out and got a nice Razer keyboard and mouse. The mouse is a 12 button Naga so I can hopefully avoid too many keyboard binds but I really need help getting started.

It feels very unnatural to me to use keyboard binds, I don't really know why. My typing speed is above average as I use a keyboard for work everyday so its not that I am against effort, but I do need a little help figuring out the best binds to start off with.

At the moment I have assigned these abilities to my mouse:

1: Mortal Strike
2: Overpower
4: Pummell
5:Colossus Smash
6: Charge

I have 6 more buttons on the mouse however it doesn't really feel that comfortable to press, it requires me bending my thumb in an unnatural way, ideally I would like to stick to these 6 buttons on the mouse for now, perhaps use number 7 as well and to a lesser extent number 10.

My question is how have you guys set up your keyboards to compensate for the other spells, what do you find natural, what can I get away without binding?

Any help would be much appreciated and I look forwards to peoples ideas.

I bind every single spell I use in PvP, and it really helps. And there is really just one way to do it - bind a few at a time and force yourself to use them, even when you want to use the mouse. Muscle memory is something that has to be conditioned. You can sit and stare at your binds all you want, but it wont help until you actually use them :)

My suggestion would be to bind 3 spells or so at a time, going from your most used spells towards the more situational types, obviously. Once you're comfortable with a new set of binds, you'll start on the next.

As for the keys to use, the following are some of the easier ones.

Q, E, F, R, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, c, v, mouse buttons...

Then you have your modifiers. Using these, you can assign three specific skills or macros to a single button, modifying it when you need to. So

shift-Q, Shift-E, Shift-F and so on. Same with ctrl-Q, ctrl-E etc. I personally find ALT awkward to use, but that's your third option for a modifier.

But yea, get your hands dirty. That's really all there is to it. It's actually a cool way of observing human learning 'in vitro' because you really want to be able to just look at the binds and use them, but it just isn't going to happen. Have to take it in gradually :-)

GL HF :]

Edit: Oh, and I recommend grouping your abilities in logical batches, sort of. Like for all my 85s, I have my major defensive abilities bound to ctrl+1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Work out a system that works for you:)
i have my 1 through 6 kept normal to be used by my left hand and then i keybind 7 onwards to the 1 - 6 buttons on my naga, then if theres any cooldowns your using for example i have Recklessness and Battle Cry to Shift - 1 and 2 on my naga
I forced myself to move from being a clicker to a keybinder for the expansion.

Unfortunately it is a slow painful process and when you start keybinding you WILL think "I should just go back to clicking because I am terrible at binding", DO NOT do this, I felt the exact same way but now I am actually starting to get used to my binds.

Some tips:

Don't start off by slamming every single thing into binds your brain will think "hah to hell with that!". Instead start off gently by going for about 5 - 10 maybe less. to begin with I binded my main rotations moves that is all.

Started out with this:

Charge = Q
MS = E
CS = R
OP = F
Slam = Mouse Wheel Down
HS = Mouse Wheel Up
Execute = 5
SW = 3

I also binded WASD to move. I worked with those till I the point I am getting quite comfortable using them now and I added in more now.

Heroic Throw (Gag Order) = C
Fear = V
Disarm = T

I am now working with those and trying to get used to those before I go adding in more.

It has already been said but
06/09/2012 21:05Posted by Jensk
Work out a system that works for you:)

This is too true. Just build the binds up as yo go and learn them and before you know it you will only be using your mouse to turn and use a few buttons and not clicking :)

Good Luck
As others suggest, use 1-6, q e f g r and shift-versions of all of those. I also use `, F1, F2, F3.

Personally something I find helps is if you keep similar abilities between classes on the same button. In my case, Q is always my stun (dragonroar, Shockwave, Hammer of Justice, Kidney SHot, etc) and E is always my interrupt. F3 is always my mount.

1 is usually my opener/gapcloser (shadowstep, charge, judgement (because it provides movement speed if talented), blink, etc.)

But in the end you simply have to bind them however they feel more natural to you personally. It's not so much a matter of what is 'best', rather a matter of what you have gotten used to.
No one can tell you how to bind, note, you cannot simply copy another persons binds and you need to find what is comfortable to you! i suggest checking out a video i made a long time ago and checking out my UI and hopefully this gives a idea of what you should bind! :)

Best way is to hit a dummy and find out what is comfortable for you and what is relaxing, do note! Keybinds can take very short or very long for you to get use to, you may find it annyoing at first, but stick at it mate :D

My video:

Hope this helped :)
I clicked throughout vanilla, then forced myself to use keybings at the end of TBC by levelling a lock. I then just messed around with what felt comfortable. It tooks ages at first and I really couldnt do it but you do get use to it.
Just bind your mostly used keys near to your movement keys, get use to using the shift and the control key.
Shift/Ctrl mouse wheel up/down or Shift/Ctrl 1,2,3,4,Q,E,R,C etc gives you more easy options.

On your Naga change the button underneath to numlock, then press the numlock key on your keyboard and you can use 1,2,3,4,5 etc on your keyboard.

Btw, number 8 on your mouse is a handy button
here is a list of ALLOT of keybindings:

Shift + 1
Shift + 2
Shift + 3
Shift + 4
Shift + 5

Shift + mouse button 1
Shift + mouse button 2
Shift + mouse button 3
(more if you have a naga or such)

Shift + e
Shift + r
Shift + q
Shift + c

shift + scroll up
shift + scroll down

alt + 1
alt + 2
alt + 3
alt + 4
alt + 5

alt + mouse button 1
alt + mouse button 2
alt + mouse button 3
(more if you have a naga or such)

Alt + e
alt + q

alt + scroll up
alt + scroll down

ctrl + 1
ctrl + 2
ctrl + 3
ctrl + 4
ctrl + 5

ctrl + mouse button 1
ctrl + mouse button 2
ctrl + mouse button 3
(more if you have a naga or such)

ctrl + e
ctrl + r
ctrl + q
ctrl + c
ctrl + t

ctrl + scroll up
ctrl + scroll down

then just all your moust buttons without any other button on the keyboard

the regular keyes:

C, F, G, Q, E , T, X

I might have forgotten a few buttons...
Keybinds are just simple, they will take some time to get used too, you'll feel worse at first, the more you play, the more you memorise.

There isn't really any shortcuts to this, just bind stuff and play, do BGs or whatever, you'll get roflstomped in the beginning but eventually you'll get the hang of them.
personally i've binded like this:

Q: Execute
E: Overpower
F: Charge
R: trinket
1: Heroic strike
2: Change back to 2 hander macro
3: slam
4: mortal strike

I've got a razer naga so im using the buttons 7-12
7: Dragon's Roar/shockwave
8: Heroic leap
9: Colossus smash
10: Recklessness
11: Mass spellreflect
12: Shield wall macro

What you also should do is use modifiers such as shift and control. But i personally have managed with just shift.

What i'd also suggest is that you remove the s from the usual w,a,s,d, buttons. This is mainly to prevent from backpeddling. (its just something i cannot forgive:p) plus that it gives you an extra bind you can use for something else.
buy a reazer naga or any other mmo mice? :p

if not, then follow the great responses.
I use too many keybinds... 1-4 Q E R T F G Z X C V + Shift & Ctrl
Mouse 3,4,5 + Shift & mwheelup/down
Find a system that works, especially if you have more than 1 char.
Q is charge/shadowstep.
F is selfheal (Victory Rush)
Mwheeldown is Mount
Mwheelup is Fear/disorient
C is slow/stealth
1 is spammable spell (Heroic Strike...during cata)
Shift + F is kick/interrupt.
Some of my binds:
W A S D - to move
1 - Mortal Strike
2 - Slam
3 - Heroic Strike
4 - Victory Rush
5 - Piercing Howl
6 - Heroic Throw (Gag order)
Q - Intervene
E - Charge
R - Execute
T - Pummel
F - Overpower
G - Usually stun ability, but I use either bladestorm/DR/Shockwave in this button
Z - Thunder Clap
X - Intimidating Shout
C - Die By the sword
V - Colossus Smash
Mouse Button 3 (wheel or w/e it is) - Heroic leap
Mouse Button 4 (I use razer deathadder) - Spell reflect
Mouse Button 5 - Shield wall macro
F1 - Pvp trinket
F2 - Burst Macro
F3 - Berserker Rage
F4 - Rallying Cry

And so on. :)
Buy a Razer Naga and never look back!

Prior to purchasing the Naga I too was a clicker and my gaming suffered as a result of this.

I have the 12 buttons on the side hot keyed with shift and ctrl modifers. As such I have access to 36 abilities, macros, items and whatever using just my thumb!!

Admittedly getting used to the Naga took some time (and I almost gave up at one point). However, after a few hours of playing around with it you slowly begin to get used to controlling almost every action/ability with your thumb. Within a week I guarantee you'll wonder how you ever played without it!
Amazes me how you guys can move around, use keys for attacks, target, jump.

You must have more hands than me lol 1 on the keyboard one on the mouse. Dnt thing i use any other buttons except wasd and spacebar lol
Ty Wazath for just pointing out that the bind with modifier+mousebutton is possible. Havn´t even thought about that :) This will make things alot easier.

As im not very comfortable with using the 1-9 keys i changed my movement keys to E,S,F instead of W,A,D. This makes more keys available on the left side which feels good for me.

Just start to play with it, be patient, and you will find out what works best for you.
There are addons such as Bartender, which you can disable the possibility to click on your bars, you can set it up so you gradually force yoruself to use more and more keybinds.

Say for starter, you make it so it's not possible for you to click on "bar1", and when you're comfortable with that you makes it so it's not possible to click on "bar2" etc.

1-6 with Alt, Shift and Ctrl modifier
|(button to the left of 1)QERTFGXCV with Alt, Shift and Ctrl modifier
F1-F2-F3-F4 with Shift and Ctrl modifier

Are some good binds to start using.

I'm most comfortable with |-1-2-3-4-5-6-Q-E-R-T-F-G-X-C-V-MB1-MB2 because I dont have a massive hand. So if I were to learn how to use keybinds now, I would place all the spells I use the most such as Charge, Mortal Strike, Overpower, Colossus Smash etc on those binds, then have binds such as Charge @ Arena1 on a more obscure less important bind like Alt + Q or something (which is more annoying to press).
06/09/2012 21:18Posted by Whysper
Unfortunately it is a slow painful process and when you start keybinding you WILL think "I should just go back to clicking because I am terrible at binding", DO NOT do this, I felt the exact same way but now I am actually starting to get used to my binds.
I'd like to emphasize this part, don’t fall back to clicking in the middle of the process. Even if you might have an adjustment period where you seem to have a slower reaction time than when clicking, that will quickly fade away. Once you improve and start noticing how much faster you actually are, you will want to bind every single ability to a key.
Mouse binds are best for abilities used often and while you move because it doesn't require to take fingers away from w-a-s-d.

Pummel can easily go to keyboard because you kick spells and most guys need to stay still to cast.

Also I think abilities with medium CDs like charge, intervene, leap are better to place to keyboard. I have them at 1,2,3.
Unbind "S" and use it as an awesome hotkey instead of backpeddling =D
Takes some time to get used to at first but it's worth it.

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