Burning Ember generation rate and Chaos Bolt hard casts

Hey, I've been levelling this lock for a while now, not necessarily for MoP but I'd say that locks are looking good generally. Anyway, I've been playing destro since I created this and plan on only playing Destro spec. Today I took some time and messed around on this before I even logged my main. I noticed that Burning Embers generate rather slow, at least it feels slow for me. I tested it a few times on a dummy and I had to get Incinetrate off 8x before I'd generate a Burning Ember. In a realistic PvP encounter at my level I'd probably get Curse of Elements and Immolate off on the target, Conflag, Incinetrate x3, Conflag, Incinetrate x2. By now I'd be able to cast Chaos Bolt but here's the next problem, getting a 3 sec cast off on a target without Shadow Fury or Blood fear. On my level that target would've probably been dead by then. Is Chaos Bolt worth the hard casting and the time it takes to generate a burning ember? Yes I suppose lol since I don't think there's an alternative but don't you lot think that's too much effort to get a single chaos bolt off.

Correct me if I'm mistaken but I believe Backdraft won't affect Chaos Bolt untill level 86 and the sole/primary abilities that generate Burning Embers are: Immolate, Incinetrate and Conflag.

Thoughts on this?
Chaos bolt hits like an absolute train and is therefore worth every second of casting.

As for burning embers, it's actually 10 Incinerates you need per ember. However, a crit Incinerate counts for 2/10 of an ember, and Immolate ticks have a chance to generate 1/10 of a burning ember.

If you use Chaos Bolt whilst you have backdraft stacks, those backdraft stacks will ALL be lost, so refrain from doing that.
By the time you generate all those embers for the big mean chaos bolt, the target will already be dead. They need to fix the ember generation, imo. And I don't see chaos bolt/destro damage being all that big, I can bring people down much faster as affliction. :/

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