Thundermaw, please make them untamable!

In case you don' know:

There's been a lot of QQ about this already. Blizzard has had 3 versions of the lightning saber worg since wotlk with the only one released being Skoll. Now even before I tamed mine, I thought "Damn those other models look sexy!", indeed they still do.

However not only is one of the new models being introduced, but its being made into a common pet that is available to all hunters. The thing that was unique about BM was the fact that they had the ability to tame very unique pets.

When you were SV or MM you did the same but with pets that were available to that spec, pets such as Sambas, Rak'shiri, Skarr, Karkin or even Rattlebore and so on.

With introducing these Thundermaw you're making BM that little bit less special, and believe me, after grinding for so long getting all of mine, it feels like a kick a kick in the nuts to know that not only the hard work getting Skoll but also the fact you've reduced a model widely regarded as unique even as a re-skin to a common level.

Things should really be addressed and IMO you have a few options to take:

1. Make Thundermaw untamable.

2. " and introduce a new rare pet which has the same skin which is available to BM only.

3. Make Thundermaw untamable and as a compromise introduce a new rare pet that all can tame, this way Skoll is rare and unique, the new model is rare and unique, and people actually appreciate the time and effort spent in getting this pet, as well as restoring hunters faith in blizzard not !@#$ting all over them.

My personal preference would be 2. simply because BM needs to be maintained as the unique spec with having their own specs pets (which begs the question why make a pet unique to BM common anyway... nvm), thats just their thing.

The best way to keep people happy would be the compromise, I can see why you did it, trying to give other specs a cool pet but... there's still so many out there that you don't even need to be BM to obtain.
05/09/2012 11:04Posted by Deuteronomy
BM needs to be maintained as the unique spec

why does BM need to be special?

so you can show off you used a lot of time just to camp off some pixel beast with lightning coming out of its fur?

these pets are hardly "unique" or "rare" anymore,almost any hunter who has done round around norhtrend/hyjal has one

and wouldnt you like to use your precious Skoll model when raiding/soloing as MM/survival?

i dont see problem with this at all
05/09/2012 11:15Posted by Fuwious
i dont see problem with this at all

indeed,why do you make such a big deal out of this dear op?
05/09/2012 11:15Posted by Fuwious
BM needs to be maintained as the unique spec

why does BM need to be special

Why would Blizzard have made these exotic and BM only in the first place? In any case read below and see what I'd suggested please, that way you'd have seen id also have made comments on the SV/MM argument.

As for making a big deal, it goes against the principle of what beast mastery is, its a spec where pets are the main focus of your attacks, and having something that is unique to that spec is needed. BM cant use explosive/BA etc, it can't use AS nor CS.

BM needed something to actually spice it up, and now this spice is being gradually removed, as blizzard has a knack for making something happen and make it seem like a one off, then continue doing it!
[/quote] wouldnt you like to use your precious Skoll model when raiding/soloing as MM/survival?[/quote]

To be perfectly honest no, the issue I have most of all is making something that was extremely hard to tame due to people going after it as well, camping your spot, to then be added as a common pet.

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