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For the past 2 days now I have been locked out of my account due to suspiious activity, i sent a ticket throuh the website by attaching my ID and requesting help to reset my password and claim ownership on my account.

I received a very quick response from a GM. I went back onto the password reset page and entered my secret answer and it stated an e-mail was sent with the paswrod link, 4 hours later and several requests later I didn't get the e-mail.

I sent another ticket to blizz and again, received a very quick reply, but it stated that I should add and it should come through, now that would be fine, but I already have the blizzard emails in my safe list, otherwise I wouldn't have seen the ticket response (I am receiving the responses via e-mail as I can't get into my account to see the actual ticket.

I sent yet another ticket asking for help as I am just not getting password resent e-mails and I have just seen another GM reply stating, pretty much the same thing that I need to add the blizz email to my safe list.

sorry for the long post here but I am losing patience, I have just spent money on a few character transfers and name changes and I am very annoyed that I can't log in to play before my sub runs out on the 21st, I have sent my ID twice now and answered my secret question, ooh god a hundred times!
You may wish to look through this article:

Set Up Email Filters for and

Other than that, there's not much you can do to reset your password.
Treeroy.....I love you :P

Thanks my awesome buddy.

Glad to hear it worked!
Thanks Treeroy and hello Ozzyness.

As awesome as Treeroy is, I'm a little perturbed to hear that this link was not included in the responses you received from our Customer Support team. For my own curiosity, and to ensure that others are not confused in the same way, would it be possible for you to post below on a character from the account you ticketed from?

Many thanks.
I would just like to add my thanks to Treeroy as well as i had the exact same problem and it was driving me nuts. In the end i worked out that because isnt listed as a trusted sender on hotmail my account was listing it as a phishing scam, however gets the nice green shield of an authentic sender. On the off chance someone from blizzard reads this then please please look at either adding the unlock feature from diablo to warcraft or make it a universal unlock. I was happily gaming on diablo after using the in game account unlock from my secret answer whilst completely locked out of Battlenet and Warcraft. This just seems needless when the feature could be linked.
Pleased to hear that my post helped you too. =D
I would also like to say thank you so much, adding to safe list worked.

Could Blizzard look into linking that article when trying to deal with password recovery and the like? Seems quite a few of us have had this problem before.

Thanks guys!
i have the same problem! cant reset password because im not getting reply from blizzard.

i have added and to my list... nothing in spam/junk folder..

what to do??
Did you follow the link in post 2 - it may have been a year & a half ago, but it still works and gives a solution.

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