Alchemy - transmutation mastery

Hey so I wanted to change my mastery as I have been transmuting more lately and it just makes sense however I went over to drop my potion master to find that you need 3 x living steel? which I believe is a MOP item.... what can I do?

same here
Urgh. And here I had this one character whom I was planning to get to 75 this weekend so she could get the mastery. I wonder if the level requirement has changed, too?
no, I got my alt to level 75 and alchemy up to 475 and picked up the quest. also the other masterys require mop mats.
hmm anything we can do?
certainly you can wait for mop
To change a quest requirement at this stage is either a mistake, or thoughtlessness, on Blizard’s part. This quest is now stuck in limbo until the 25th and the truegold I have just made no longer required.
I can understand the reasons for wanting to release the patch prior to launch, however, some of the changes should have been held back until they wouldn’t cause such long delays.
Glad I did the transmute mastery quest on all my 5 alchemists before 5.0 :)
BUMP for this stupid FAIL.Now i cant use mastery for whole month.Fix it asap please.
Inks display wrong currency - you can use cata ink instead of the pandaria one against the listing. This is stretching a bit far, but I wonder if the quest could be bugged in the same way?
It ll blow whole xmute money making strategies when MoP launches.WTB blue response
BUMP! Also having problems with this after levelling up several alchemists specifically for transmutation mastery. It's a complete joke that a current quest requires non-existant materials to complete.

Spoke with a GM in-game, following a ticket about the issue and got a really fuzzy/grey answer. Was advised that it might be on an agenda for possible hot-fixing in the next few weeks.

I pointed out that the expansion was due in a matter of weeks but they would not elaborate or give me a definitive answer.

Please can somebody shed some light on when this is going to get fixed?
Everyone keep sending tickets, so we can have a fix asap.
I have replied to a similar thread on this matter here.

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