Disconnecting every two minutes.

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I downloaded the patch fine yesterday and had no problem playing at all. I experienced some latency issues naturally as there was a lot of people online at the time.

But at about 4 am realm this morning I started disconnecting every two minutes. When this happening I do not have any latency issues whatsoever. It is behaving like a random disconnect except for the fact it is happening every two minutes.

I have tried playing today and it is doing the exact same thing.

I have flushed the DNS, deleted the appropriate files, rebooted the router. Checked to see if my drivers needed updating and so on. I ever followed the advice posts on here and nothing I have done has fixed this. I am playing the game in administrative. I tried to run a WoW repair only apparently since the patch it is no longer in my folder. I can't find it anywhere and I have not deleted anything apart from the Interface, Cache and WTF folders.

If this has already been addressed somewhere can someone please point me to the appropriate thread?

Thank you :)

EDIT: Tried making a character on another realm to see if that would somehow help. It didn't. :(
I have the same but then wow freezes. Opened ticket. Waiting time 8 days.....
Anybody other than Sedar and I having this problem?

Has anyone got any suggestions on how to fix this?
I tried another account too, and still having the same problems. I don't understand why it keeps disconnecting me.
I have the same problem to even though the GM said the problem was fixed last night and gave a link to help if the problem is still there. I have tried everything in that link and i STILL disconnect after i log in for about a minute or 2.
it the same problem as before. :/
I have also tried Diablo III and discovered I have the same problem there. So, I suspected my internet connection. However, when I tried Star Wars, I find it works perfectly well. So, it must be a Blizzard related issue and not my internet connection. Or a battle.net thing. Althought sometimes real ID disconnects without kicking you back to the login screen.
I get random 30 second lagspikes and occasionally like every 10 minute screen goes black and u cant do !@#$ - just have to manually turn off the computer :/
In my case I don't have any high latency. It sits at 29. I can be having a conversation with someone in /s. It's not like when you lag and it takes ages for a message to come through. It's just an instant disconnection for no apparent reason and it does it now every two minutes. It's a little bit irritating. I haven't got anything running in the background either so it's not something stealing my signal.

My dad's playstation broke recently so he's not online either. I am the only one using the internet in my house.

If it is not fixed by tomorrow or there is no information available I will ring the internet company up just so they can say there's nothing wrong at their end.

It sucks not being able to fix it myself. I hate having to post on forums. I always feel so useless. :(
Tried all the fixes I could find a second time.

Except for the Repair because there is no application for that now.

Still nothing working.

Anyone had any luck with it yet?
I'm having about the same problem as you. Random, instant disconnect every now and then. Sometimes I can stay online for several minutes as long as I don't move. As soon as I move an inch I disconnect instantly.
Sometimes I can move around just fine, but I will disconnect after a while.
It was fine last night right after the patch.

I'm running a clean install without addons.

Any news from Blizzard?
No news from them at all. Sometimes I think they only answer the posts they know how to fix. I reset my router again and believe it or not, doing so made it even worse. I managed to stay on for about a minute. Just flushed the DNS again so will try it. I'll post back if it's somehow fixed itself, otherwise I'll post again later asking if they know anything yet. :)
I am having the same problems, and have tried everything Katarzyna has described + opened every known blizzard port on my router and windows firewall.

Sometimes I can play 2 minutes, sometimes i try to move, and then get DC...

A few times, I have had the pleasure of not seing any NPC's and/or if they were present, not being able to communicate with them...

I am mad - and I am frustrated.... *sigh* and tired of waiting...
Yea still no luck for me either... even though Blizzard said they fixed it last night... they obviously didn't
I'm having a similar issue, loads up fine but the second I move in game it disconnects me from battle.net
I then lose all internet connection on my PC for about 2-3 minutes then it re-connects. never had this issue before the patch. Any ideas on why its doing this?
They didn't fix anything, really. Even made it worse, since everything worked perfectly for me last night. Oh well, I guess all we can do is wait.
Just tried running it out of the admin. mode and tried different compatibilities. No luck either. As Namineh said above it's okay for a couple of minutes if you don't move. But that kind of defeats the purpose of playing it.

I am fortunate enough not to be doing anything important in the game like raiding or running a guild so I can only imagine that if I am becoming irritated by this and the lack of information I can't fathom how anyone else who does those things is feeling. Probably close to rage.

I'll keep badgering them until they tell me something. :)
Just tried playing on another server, but same problem there.
The same for me, I try almost everything to fix it (except maybe reinstalling the game...), but nothing works.
Starting it from the WoW folder and not the Launcher doesn't work either. /sigh

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