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Just tried to start WoW and the antivirus reported Trojan Horse Generic29.ASNJ in wow.exe and moved it in the virus vault. Then I downloaded the wow.exe from a separate machine (not in a network with my PC) and the same problem again. Scanning the computer but there is no viruses. I'm using AVG Free edition.

Will be happy if u can assist.
Thanks in advance.
09/09/2012 13:58Posted by Rekh
I'm using AVG Free edition.

There have been lots of false positive results from AVG in recent months, LOTS.

WoW.exe is not a virus, you should restore it from your vault and carry on. If you want a better free antivirus solution, remove AVG and install Microsoft Security Essentials.
Thanks for the advice mate! Hope you are right xD
Thanks again and have a good day :)
To be true, I don't think, the problem is AVG. Because I tried to start my game without AVG on a virtual machine - Error messages incoming. Anyway, you should be redirected to here: '

And also, the German (yeah, I'm one of them) are encountering the same problem ->
Hmm Ok, ignored the warning but all I get is this message: "An internal error occurred, please restart. If problems persist contact customer support."

...oh and btw where the repair tool has gone?...
The RepairTool itself has been gone, it's now kind of embedded in the Launcher - whenever it encounters problems, there should be logs - i haven't got one though.
09/09/2012 14:32Posted by Faultier
The RepairTool itself has been gone, it's now kind of embedded in the Launcher - whenever it encounters problems, there should be logs - i haven't got one though.

In my situation I can't start the launcher xD
Yep, that's our problem too.
Ok it seems we need to start over.
I'm your client paying since 7 years. My problem is that I can't use the product that I am paying for. The above mentioned is the beginning of the story, even without any antivirus software I am getting THE SAME MASSAGE FROM THE LAUNCHER OF THE PRODUCT THAT I AM PAYING FOR. So, I need a solution of the problem or a term of time that points when my problem will be solved.

You have my contacts - cell phone, e-mail, etc...
You can always open a ticket from your account management or call the technical support. We can only make guesses here.
I have the exact same problem as Rekh and also too am using AVG, have it in the vault at the moment, not sure what to do :(
I've encountered this problem as well!!!


Fixed the problem for now... look further down for description
Bump for great justice.

I have this exact problem.
At least temporarily

Open AVGfree
Click tools, and select Advanced settings...
Find the Resident Shield tab, and enlarge it.
Click exceptions
Click Add Path
Browse to your WoW folder
Click OK

Run the game.
ok so here is the link to thread i have made explaining what i have done with this situation, wish i had found this thread and/or the linked threads from faultier, but anyway, i have since moved my wow.exe. from my virus vault to an external drive, but it useless to me as i have uninstalled the game and cannot re-install the game, is it AVG causing me problems for installing a fresh client, or is it another issue, cos if it is AVG i can just remove it for the time being and start again with the download.
what vevlaa says is true if you still have the game installed and unlike me who decided to do a full uninstall/re-install:

*open AVG
*right click on the resident shield icon
*at the bottom uncheck the little box so it is inactive
*begin the wow install either from disc or from the digital download
*once download/install is complete open AVG again, and follow steps 2-7 as vevlaa has said
*play game as if nothing was ever wrong :)

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