white dots/lines flickering in the distance

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ok so im trying not to pay attention to these white dots/lines flickering in the distance but now is really getting annoying
first i have to say that this is happening only in wow and when i increase multisampling from 1x to 2x 4x or 8 x
i used to play on 4x before patch with no problems at all
and this thing is occurring only in the distance (mountains,hills etc) when i get there white dots/lines are gone
my fps is stable around 60 fps (multisampling on 1x or 4 x it doesnt matter)
I'm having this as well. It only occurs when i'm looking in the distance (mostly mounains/hills).

I've tried a lot of things (change settings) but nothing works. I play the game with a steady 80+ fps and have no problems at all. Only the white lines/dots in the distance can be annoying.
do u get that flickering when multisampling is 1 x or it doesnt matter ?
It doesnt matter. I've tried every setting, from lowest to highest (I'm playing on Ultra settings) and I see the white dots/lines in the far distance anyway. I have no idea how to get rid of this. Before the patch everything was fine with the gfx.
well dude if u find answer for this problem plzzz let me know xD
cuz it seems only me and u have this issue lol
This has been reported many times at both the European forums and the US forums, so they are most certainly aware of the issue.

I can replicate it on four machines, two running Radeon-cards and two running NVIDIA-cards, under both Windows using Direct X 11 and Linux using Wine and OpenGL.
I have the same issue on my 7970, but I can make it gone by using supersampling antialiasing (set in CCC), which I use always while in WoW anyway :).

I dont have this issue at all (on any kind of AA) on my laptop with Nvidia G360M.
Same issue here and same for a several guildmates.

Described the issue several days ago but no response, no blue :(
Here the link: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/5347866383
Is a Game Bug, not setup-dependent (for me).
It's similar or related to the Nvidia bug with the crashes and frame drops, at least I hope. It's getting rather annoying.
Same with the latest Nvidia Drivers
I have a few white pixels in distant mountains, but using radeon card. So probably isn't nvidia related.
Maybe is related to the Anti-aliasing "machinery"... I dunno, i'm not so expert, but a friend of mine, who has the same problem, told me that probably is a "calculation" problem. Sometimes is enough to modify some setting in the Nvidia (or ATI) control panel to fix the problem.

Tried everything, tried all the blue solution suggested (WTF, INTERFACE; NO ADDONS....). Nothing.

Whithe dots, white lines along the mountains, in the distance.

Help :(

Sorry for my english
Hey guys, i was having this issue with white lines and dots littering the distant scenery outlining mountains etc too and i found 2 solutions. Im not sure about Radeon users but for Nvidia. Useing the latest 306.97 drivers.

1. Run the game in DX9 mode or
2. running the game in DX11 mode goto Nvidia control panel and enable FXAA.
03/12/2012 09:13Posted by Walkerine
2. running the game in DX11 mode goto Nvidia control panel and enable FXAA

This worked for me. Thank you!
I had white dots on the terrain in Burning Steppes.

I am using: AMD Win 7 64-bit, Nvidia Geforce 550 GTX.

The issue is caused by a problem with the anti-alias in the game.

They vanished and looked normal when I set anti-alias to x1. Usually I have it set at x 2.

Of course the game didn't look at good then, but when I set it to anything higher than x 1 the annoying white dots came back.

I set the anti-alias in the NVIDIA control panel to override and at x 2, and it works, so now my game looks the way I want it to look and no stupid white dots on the terrain! :D

Hope this helps X
I set the anti-alias in the NVIDIA control panel to override and at x 2, and it works, so now my game looks the way I want it to look and no stupid white dots on the terrain! :D

What settings did you use. no matter what i try I keep seeing jagged edges....FXAA makes the game look wierd and ugly
well i got the same probleem and with something els.
if i go raiding or am Qing for hc's 5 man's ,after about a hour of playing, and get out of the LFG systeem.
And am some where in the world everything in the bk ground (mounth's) become's pearl white ,
It look's like a grahp probleem but after just change char it gone and come's bk again .
All these years later and it's still an issue, even with the new graphics-engine. I cannot for the life of me wrap my head around why it's so unbelievably hard to fix this issue.

We had a blue-post literal YEARS back that said you'd be looking into this. I don't want to play with no AA forever- and CMAA is no real long-term fix.

(Reference: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/10826782795)
Locking this as it's from 2012.

Xajack if you're experiencing this issue, please create your own thread with a DxDiag included:

And also if possible, a screenshot of the issue. Thank you.

Let me know how I'm doing!

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