The Return of the Ring of Blood in MoP?

Hey all,

I don't know about you, but I think Pandaria would be a great place to host the next Ring of Blood Arena. It's been a tradition that it appears in every expansion - it was in Outland, in Northrend and even in the Twilight Highlands, and only gets harder per location. So my question is - even though it's 3 days before the expansion hits - will the Ring of Blood be back in Mists of Pandaria?

I don't really keep up with news outside of the site so I don't know if it's been posted in an interview or a post way back. Plus, it may seem silly when this tradition has gone on for so long that they probably won't stop now.

With all new jokes, races & species and environments and cultures to work with, the two commentators could probably come up with some brilliant contestants, prizes and wisecracks. I look forward to hearing your answers ^_^
Alright! Thanks Taari, it looks bigger, better and [insert any word beginning with 'B' that isn't rude here] than ever! Can't wait to get into some scraps with.... 3 people? Should be fun, nontheless.
No more 5-man arena-ing I'm afraid. On the other hand, no more 50 different groups all trying to start the fights at the same time either.

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