How do i get to pandaria?

Is there a boat or teleport or something?
I did the quest then i qued for a dungeon and dced like everyone else. When i finally get back im alone, cant reque and cant leave group so i have to use heartstone which is set to SW so now im in SW and have no clue how to get to pandaland again,
I wonder the same!
There should be a gunship hovering over Stormwind, towards the northern part.

My mind is hazy, only did it once on the beta.

For Horde, you have a gunship that is to the east of Orgrimmar, hovering over the harbour.
I'm wondering for the horde side, did the first few quest in pandaria, got the achivment, got dc'ed and ended up back in at my HS, now unsure where to find the way back

EDIT: I'll see if I can't find it as soon as the game will let me inn again :)
Not 100% sure, but iirc there should be a portal where the bunch of Pandaren are; close to the Earth Shrines (the places with the Cata portals). Not quite sure how it unlocks though.
well i have allready done that and the gunship isnt there anymore so that wont help. and there seems to be no guildsummon anymore either
there has to be a way to get to pandaria aside from the gunship that isnt there after u done the quests on it.
Same problem here, I am at Orgrimmar atm
In SW there is a portal beside the old portals, just search for it. Was easy to find. I guess for Horde its close to the portals in Org probably. Thx for the info Thirsom
24/09/2012 23:44Posted by Pickboa
In SW there is a portal beside the old portals, just search for it. Was easy to find. I guess for Horde its close to the portals in Org probably. Thx for the info Thirsom

Does the TP bring you back to the zepplin (first quest) ?
I wouldn't bother you will just get disconnected.
I'm unable to find the portal thingy in org at lest :P
no it brings u to Pandaria where the quests are in the village.
Aggomon it should be close to the other portals, atleast it is in SW.
Don't know about the alliance side, but as horde, go to the north part of Org. There's a big balloon and in front of that should be a portal to Pandaria.

I didn get DC'ed when I used it though, and currently have problems getting back in, but that's some kind of bug (too many people?)
This is probably intentional to allow the sponsored people to get the realm firsts. It stand to reason that they have to get something out of it. As stated Blizzard only see the $$$$$
Ive not yet been to Pandaria yet due to being a Human Paladin but i was just wondering if you could get there if you wearnt a Kung Fu Panda
right , just to get the facts straight , if you already have been to pandaria as horde and HS'ed back there is a portal to be found to take you back to pandaria.

this portal can be found in the valley of honor just over the bridge near the VoH auctionhouse.

[edit] just seen that this is a necrothread ( thank you human paladin , both for bumping an old thread as well as making a stupid comment about not being able to go to pandaria as a human , you are confused as pandaria ( the new lvl 85/90 continent ) and the wandering isles ( starterzone of the pandaren race ) are different things

I cannot go to Pandaria. Cannot start the quest in Adventure Guide. I got it at first and watched the cinematics, but I couldn't finish the quest. I abandoned the quest, and now I cannot take it again.

What could be the problem? There is no portal, I did everything I could. Searched the forums and everything. Thanks.
My only suggestion would be to open a ticket, I believe that's how myself and my husband found our way there as we also seemed to have a problem with the cross over.

Good luck!

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