Warlock DPS in MoP level 90


Top dps as affliction.
Im personally very happy, yet afraid of being FoTM even harder.
Hunters can't be that low. Happy too though, the new affliction gameplay is better for me.
I'm curious if it`s with pet or sacrificed, i'm afraid it will be nerfed if it`s with pet, without it we could lose alot on movement fights.
And FotM? really warlocks have lowest population atm, probably slightly increased by those douchebags who rolled warlocks for 3v3 with their shaman friend.

Hunters can't be that low

In PVP they have great burst with cds but on long fights they really are bad.
As for warlock gameplay i'm really really disappointed, first time in 7 years i'm thinking of going to 90 with another char, in the classic blizzard style they went from one extreme to the other, every warlock strength is now a weakness.
I rolled warlock after playing the endtime instances, Illidan just makes the class look so awesome =p

AND my MoP box finally got here, right on time *squee*!

If only I could be a panda warlock, I would be truly happy =p
Ive notice a drastic increase both in my guild as in the /who warlock roster on my server since the new changes :)

Also it might be that the number of warrlock characters stay the same, but that people are now deciding to play on that char.

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