Cross Realm Guild Invite idea

you have LFR, LFG even CRZ coming out soon

so majour idea Cross realm guild invites

this feature will be made for all realms and for all guilds above lvl 5 (yes lets give it a min level so we dont get silly) basicly it will help the low populated realms encourage more 25 mans raid and even if a 40 man raid comes out it would encourage that too. also will encourage more guild PVP Battle grounds

this will also stop people complaining they have to change realm and pay £15 for it because there realm has low population and they would have to leave the realm just use the Cross Realm guild Recruit

best idea yet


Just incase you dont think its clear this feature is people from other realms to join your guild to come into dungeons, HC, Raids, BG and more and even cross realm
Cross-Realm guilds? Sounds reasonable.. Wait wut?
just a feature that allows you to inv members from other realms to your guild sorry forgot to mention that
As long as it isn't compatible with that addon called SuperGuildInvite or whatever it is.

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