Thank you Blizzard!!

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What a remarkable and awe inspiring story. Well done to Die Safe and a big thumps up to Blizzard for implementing these items. Certainly be looking out for them when I finally get round to leveling my 85's.
this is very extraordinary amazing ! very touching ....

salute's to die safe guild and to davidian i hope many take your kindness and sense of responsibility into account .
Wow, that's amazing! I remember being really touched by that story when it first came out, so glad to see somebody at Blizzard was just as impressed! I'll make a point of looking out for those items on my plate/mail alts :-)
25/09/2012 17:54Posted by Davidian

Brought a tear to my eyes ;)

You, sir, truly deserve a medal :)
Just 1 word... OUTSTANDING. In my eyes, you just became the best guild in the world. /bow
A good thing about queues, it makes me read interesting things. This is by far the most awesome wow community story I have ever read.

I wish you all the best in the future!
This is amazing. Haven't read about this before today, but reading this put a giant smile on my face. You guys seem amazing, and I'm overly impressed by Ben and his determination to still play this game after the horrible tragedy.

All the best to you guys, and kudos to Blizzard for being classy like this!
What an amazing and inspiring story. When people question why I play this game and I talk about the community it can develop, it still draws blank looks.

This shows exactly what I mean and I wish all of you all the best and long may you play. Well done Blizzard for that recognition. It is amazing!
Amazing story. :) Really amazing.
Wow, first up, a huge well done to Hexu, I already had the upmost respect for you when I saw you were an army veteran, but to then play this, blind, wow, I tip my hat to you Sir.

Davidian - It's so nice to hear that there are nice, caring players still left. What you do for Hexu is simply amazing, and I'm glad that Blizzard have acknowledged your persistance to helping him through the game.

This was simply a wonderful story, thank you ever so much, and I wish you both the best in your future raiding together! :)

- Dyn
Wow, this is very pretty.
26/09/2012 16:37Posted by Draztal
Blue tagging the thread so more people can read more about what you're doing at Die Safe. Simply. Amazing.

I've got to get myself one of them mail helms ;). Pretty epic stuff.
What an amazing guy Ben must be. Alot of people can learn from you guys.
Kudos to davidian , Because of you guys i got the feeling that you can do anything as long as you do your best for it.

Freaaking unions :")
We were simply blown away when someone linked it to us in guild. Thanks to Blizzard for doing this.
Inspiring. I'm blown away. First I've heard of this. I don't know what else to say.
Genuinely amazing and inspiring. Best wishes to all you guys!
Whoah. Yeah, that's awesome, grats an' all, guys. (I mean both the items and what you're doing, btw)
Simply inspirational! Well done to everyone at Die Safe!

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