Thank you Blizzard!!

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Truly awesome, You have made my week and blizzard its the little things like this that show me that your still a great company.

Thanks, and Ben and davidson, Good luck with the new MoP content.

You make my day!

Lok'tar ogar!
Gentlemen, welcome to immortality.
Brilliant news. You have yourself a fantastic guild with fantastic players there. Should be 100% proud of yourselves (O:

From a still serving soldier to an ex squaddie and his new band of brothers. /salute
I remember reading about Ben when you all first killed the Lich King if I remember correctly, which was also posted on the forums.

Amazing to be able to have your own items in the game, like a former writer wrote, the story will stay immortal and attached to these items, I will certainly keep them if I get my hands on them.
This is awesome. Kudos to you guys. And to Blizz for honouring you.
This needs to go national and to show the whole country that games players aren't all psycopaths and idiots...Truly inspirational, I tip my hat to the both of you and the guild.
This really put a smile on my face, good luck in mop! :)
Incredible, that's amazing. You all deserve a /clap from every WoW player. That has really brought a smile to my face that will last for sometime. So thank you (:
"A man with a friend is never without vision."

Ahem. I think I got something in my eyes.

This is all really, really cool. Good luck in the future, Die Safe!
This is absolutely heartmelting!
Wow, what a great pair of items and a brilliant honour for such genuinely inspiring players. The flavour text on both is also very touching.
This is the best story I've read about wow since what the devs did for that little lad Ezra.

You guys are fantastic and I wish you all the very best with your guild. And regards to Ben, all of us should be very proud of the sacrifice guys like you have made for us and also to Davidian the best mate anyone could wish for.

Hope you have lots of fun together in Pandaria!
This is fantastic, I myself have had the experience of being in a guild with ben (hexu) when he was on Azuremyst EU, very glad to hear he is still playing and doing well.

Much love Tot.
I remember reading about Hexu and Davidians history back in January, and I thought how amazing it was what Davidian did for Ben.

I wish Die Safe all the best.

Regarding the items, that was a nice gesture, Blizzard.
Thank you.
On behalf of Die Safe, I just wanted to give the guys at Blizzard a HUGE thank you for adding the in-game items for Hexu and Davidian.. Hexu's Amplifying Helm & Davidian's All-Seeing Eyes

An amazing gesture, for amazing players. Kudo's to you and your guild for doing all this.
Faith in Humanity: Restored

Hope to meet any of you in game though chances be slim. :)
Awsome guys!
26/09/2012 16:37Posted by Draztal
Simply. Amazing.

Faith restored.
Nice to know there are some people who are that kind hearted to open out to anyone. Regardless if they are good at the game or not. If you have built a community that strong to provide help for him then I respect you greatly and so do many others. I'll be sure to let others know about this so that when they come across these items. The meaning behind them is remembered.

Happy raiding you guys!
Wonderful story!

You two are an absolute inspiration.

Delighted Blizz has recognised your courage and perseverance...

grats :-)

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