Thank you Blizzard!!

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Gotta say, this is really awesome Blizz. Props to both of you guys, and the whole guild!
Not many people do this kind of things for others. (y)
The two items should be made epics imo. ;)

Kudos, Blizzard for chiseling this into the timeless stone that is what makes this community such a great place to be a part of.

Best of luck to Die Safe as they progress towards mists' raids!
Can't wait to get my account back and get these!

I will put them somewhere safe... Somewhere die safe

*Puts on sunglass's
Amazing, much respect.
I got warm fuzzies when I read about this. Seriously one of the most heartwarming things I have ever seen.
This should have been in the patch notes. Not every day you hear something like this and probably never will again. I can see everyone that gets these items keeping them in their bank.

I am sure the whole of the Wow community salutes the two of you and your guild for this amazing act of friendship.
Really tutching story.
Gives all a sign that it really is some pretty amazing people out there! :)
Totally inspirational stuff - the achievements of these two players and their guild are a shining example for the WoW community.

Kudos also to Blizzard for recognising this with the in-game items.
Jeeze guys - it's totally and genuinely brilliant to read about this. It is such a change from all the negative posts and really heartwarming.

I wish you all every success - you certainly deserve it. If there were more peeps like you in both the WoW and RL worlds they would both be a much better place.

I humbly salute you.
Wow that's awesome! It's people like you and your guild that restore my faith in this game and.. well humanity! As said by another Gnome....

25/09/2012 18:35Posted by Cupcaek
*stretches small gnome arms for a hug*

I think this is very awesome of them to have done this.

This. I remember reading about this guild a while back, and it's fantastic. Lovely to see such friendship and support, and fair play to Blizzard for honouring them in this way.

Darn onions!
This sort of post restores my faith in human kind
such a pleasure to read this.

Full respect to the guild and to Blizz.

\o/ \o/
This is amazing. When I first read the article I thought it was incredible. Putting these items in game is just a wonderful way to recognise them.

Well done Blizzard :)
these small little things shining in the dark shows thats not all ppl in the WoW community are trolls or haters...

As the recent Paralympics showed, its all about ABILITY not disability. Total respect to both players and the entire guild. It shows what can be achieved with great teamwork and understanding.

Well done folks :)
Absolutely love this story!
So sweet <3

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