Thank you Blizzard!!

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Very nice touch by blizzard from hearing the Fan's play their game with a tribute!
amazing what blizzard did here.
amazing what this guy does for his friend.
when I saw the items, I had to think of the story of the blind player and have just tears to the eyes had. Really a beautiful story.
Forgive my bad English. I use the google translator. ;-)

Glory and honor to whom honor and glory are due.
I tip my hat to use as much and am glad that there are people like Ben to show that you play World of Warcraft can also be a handicap.

And the eyesight is losing one of the greatest handicaps.
I am hard to impress. But that the two have my greatest respect.

I wish ben still lot of fun while playing and your guild, I give my admiration for much use. So some guilds can not do with 20 eyes.

so long .....

Wow, after having read that article, I must say this is awesome :)
This is simply awesome and touching.

This is what the WoW community is all about, help others while having some fun at the same time, excellent stuff!

If I'm ever on Chamber of Aspects, I'l be sure to say hi (:

I hope you guys have fun in MoP. Best wishes to Ben.

P.S - Owen, you sir, are epic! *salutes*
Honor and strength to your guild
You' re pretty awesome
Davidian - and please tell it Hexu - you have my respect.
I'm here, sitting at work, with tears in my eyes. Owen, you are truly a beacon for humanity.

May Elune light your path!
Awesome stuff :)
Damnit, who's chopping onions in here?
awesome story, thumbs up from germany!
A fitting tribute to an amazing pair of friends who have achieved a level of awesomeness that cannot be denied.
The one thing I am suprised about is the fact this hadnt been picked up earlier on, Ben has been playing blind for several years using addons and follow but beleive me he is not a player you "carry" I used to raid ICC with him back on Azuremyst and he is a very talented player.

If I am honest I had no idea he was even blind until one raid when he said it on vent, I had already been raiding with him for ages so it was a suprise to say the least.

Anyway I am glad for what Blizzard did its a lovely gesture.
It's an awesome story and very impressive.

Respect guys and good luck in the future. :)
Hey everyone I just wanna thank you all on behalf of Ben, Myself and the rest of Die Safe for your kind words. Was totally shocked when we found out we were in-game items but its awesome to be immortal in the game now thats been such a big part of our lives. Thank you all again fror your support and good luck to everyone in MoP will see you all on the other side :)

Owen (Guide-Dog Davidian)
It's fantastic that Blizzard have recognised the achievement of both players and their guild in this way. I still have a little sight and wander around running into walls and falling off cliffs quite happily but I love the thought that someone out there is beating the living daylights out of raid bosses on my behalf - lol. The two items give me something else to work towards, so watch out for my swords on your ankles :p

Good luck to you and your guild in the new content.
What more can anyone else say but what an excellent story, and truly well deserved!
Oh wow that's so awesome, I'd give you 10 thumbs up if I would have as many :)
I suppose it's stories like this that can make WoW seem to be much more than just a game. Very touching story, I'm glad to have read it. :)
Amazing tale. A drip of hope, in a sea of despair.

Out of curiosity. How are you doing this now with questing etc? i can imagin raid bosses are easier then random mobs jumping around the entire time.
You are the most amazing guild i know! You earned my full respect and well, i am speechless.. this is just amazing!

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