Thank you Blizzard!!

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you guys are awesome keep it on!
This is truly amazing :-)

I've read that article 3-4 times since I first heard about it, but it still brings a warm feeling to my heart, and somehow attracts foreign objects to my eyes.

Now I have to go eat a pound of bacon with Bhut Jolokia marinade.
Very touching story, really inspiring. Kudos to you and to Blizzard for acknowledging what you do.
Wow. I'm speechless. Amazing.
Congratulations Hexu, Davidian and Die Safe, and thank you Blizzard for the lovely recognition of two great people.
30/09/2012 05:00Posted by Felwynn
Very touching story, really inspiring. Kudos to you and to Blizzard for acknowledging what you do.

Couldn't say it better myself!
You've just put a smile on my face, just what I've needed, really touching ;)
Vomit worthy tripe that I would expect from a bad american sitcom.
It's not helped that other handicapped people are denied aids in case it they get counted as cheating.

At first, I thought this was a thread about how cool these helmets looked.

Then, I read the story behind it, and you guys are just plain epic.

Iam speachless, amazing and touching story, keep going strong! :)

Faith in humanity restored
/salute Davidian

respect for what you guys do, seriously i wish i could help others out like that, it is plain awesome!

keep it up and i think also major credits to Blizzard for actually picking stories like this up and adding it to the game. that plate helmet is now top of my wishlist
It been a long time ago i got a tear in my eye ,not from sorrow but from hope and ultimate joy.
I feel honoured that such real life hero's are in our game.

Yes thank you Blizzard its an Honour for ALL off us and it shows the respect we ALL have for these mighty hero's.
/salute Davidian for being such a nice person for taking that role

/salute Hexu for still doing what he likes, even though he is blind. :)
Things like this is what makes life mean the most. Hard not to get a tear in your eye.

S-stupid onion cutting ninjas..
Bringing tears to my eyes...


Nah, seriously. Kudos to both Blizz for adding this, and Owen/Davidian for being an amazing friend.

Truly heartwarming.
What a wonderful gesture!

I read the story a long time ago and was extremely impressed and touched by the dedication of the Guild towards Ben as well as Ben's dedication to the game even after losing his eyesight.

This immortalization is so well-deserved!.
My deepest Forsaken /bow to the people at Die Safe! Keep up the great work!
Really great thread,

Enjoyed reading all this thread and that the players bases is as totally evil as LFD-LFR makes me feel.

Big up for the old school guild communities that make things like this possible, and for blizz giving a bit of tribute to some good people.
Hello guys,

I'm German but i heared of this affecting story.
I'm moved to tears.
Let me say that this story is really, really amazing.
It tells us about a friendship what is unique.

Great job you two. I hope you can enjoy all encounters coming in the future of World of Warcraft!

Just Amazing!

And for Blizzards two Items for the Two Guys:
You earned my best respect for this. Go on to be so close to the community, just great!

German PvP Realm "Mug'Thol"

PS: My english got a bit rusty in the last few years, hopefully you get what i wanted to say ;)
What a wonderful and amazing Story.

Both of you and your whole guild are showing us what real friendship is.

/Salute and every time good luck in MoP ;)

Regards from Switzerland

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