Thank you Blizzard!!

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Bloody, now I started crying when I finally understood what those yellow texts mean.
1+ Like to OP and your entire guild.
Truely amazing! COA are proud of you two :)
You guys are true heroes.
Amazing! Massive respect
very heartwarming and gratz to get these items named after you!
you guys are true heroes

is it possible i've seen Ben in Top Gear once when they wanted to do some kind of rally stage? i remember something about a team of handicapped ex-soldiers taking on all sorts of extreme challenges..

Massive respect to you and your guild!
respect to you guys and your guild... May it be an example to others in this game.
* Bows with greatest respect*
I salute Hexu, Davidian and the rest of Die Safe members for this remarkable achievement.

I used to play in a guild called Die Safe on Doomhammer during my vanilla and early BC days and I had great time and great memories in that guild. I guess all guilds with that name are awesome :)

Also good job Blizzard for adding those two items.
Awesome story!

I hope you guys will always find a challenge to enjoy together!
I have to say that when I stumbled on this I could not believe at first on what is going on.. Like reading a book about an amazing story and read some lines a few times just to visualize this. Unbelievable and truly amazing!

To Hexu and Davidian. You guys are true living legends of WoW. Not only that this makes me even more happier that I am (and has been for years) a part of WoW community, but now I can wander the Azeroth knowing that people like you two actually exist and are out there.

An absolute well done guys!
well done
love and respect :-)

ye as poster below wrote
thnx blizz for adding this items (coolest thing that happened to this game since vanilla)
Sorry bout not gettin all mistyeyed, my wife tells me im dead inside..
That being said, I am amazed and awed by the sheer mindbogling stubborness displayed by Ben despite a dissability afflicted on him after reaching adulthood, which I believe often makes it all the harder comming to terms with, than it does for those born with them(could be utter nonsens ofc, wouldnt be the first time, that is atleast my experience as a longtime aide working with people unfortunate enought to either being born with a dissability or getting a cripling disease/dissability later in life).

Back to Ben - Hats off man! I cant say for certain, but I am fairly sure I wouldnt be able to find your strength should I end up in your situation.

Owen - dude - what is so inspiring to me, is the matter-of-fact attitude you display, you dont appear to do this out of some sense of pity, but because it comes natural to you... that is beyond applauding, its what makes the rest of us shape up and strive to be a little bit better!
I cant say if its your upbringing or all yourself or just that right combo, but dont ever change man, ever!

Lastly a kudos to your guildmates for taking part in creating an atmosphere where this is possible, good stuff guys and gals!

- A.

edit: Oh bugger! forgot a hf to blizz for making those items - guess im so used to whining and moaning in here Icompletely forgot... gj guys!
Why is Hexu level 86 and not 90?? Come on Owen!!!! :)
It's awesome to see this post still going after all this time. Thank you guys.

To the people wondering why Hexu is still at level 86 I have the answer for you.

Ben changed his main at the near end of Dragon Soul.
He now plays under the name 'Dirtypawz' which is his level 90 Panda Rogue.

We are still dropping bosses and Ben is hitting harder than ever.

Thanks again.
Wow I'm really touched. Good job Die Safe, Hexu & Davidian :)
I got Hexu's helm to drop from a mob last night, then I came up with story behind it... Respect to Blizz and to you guys, I don't think I'll sell it after what I have learn. I think I'm just gonna keep it to remember that people can be amazing.

Keep up what you are doing Die Safe!
I just read the article, and just wanted to say that I'm beyond touched. From a hardcore raider, who often hears the word "carrying people", you've completly changed my ways on how I look at raiding. This might be a game, but nontheless you both deserve world wide recognition.
Whatever happened to Ben? Can't find him in your guild roster.

Also - amazing story. Got a feel from reading it
I heard for the story after I looted davidian's helm in game. Since I like warcraft lore and this item had yellow letters description I wanted to know who is Davidian. I thought he is some warcraft hero. I googled his name and... I was right, Davidian is the hero.

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