Major disconnection problems

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Ever since the Pandaria patch (the one introducing the new talent system) I have had major disconnect problems. Seeing I wasn't the only one having these problems (judging by all the ranting on the forum) I figured I'd wait for the next patch. I disconnect with every toon, no matter what region, no matter the time of day. Sometimes I can play a few hours without a single disconnect and sometimes I disconnect 10 times within 5 minutes.

The new patches have been released and still no luck.

I have tried the following:

- Reinstalled the entire game, making sure to delete all the entire folder
- Played without any addons
- Played with medium to ultra settings (not notable difference)
- I have updated my graphic/sound/lan/mainboard drivers
- I have run the game as administrator
- I have run the game using 32/64 bit
- I have run the game using DirectX 9 and 11
- I have run the game using windowed mode
- I have adjusted my firewall settings as described in the guide
- I have adjusted my lan settings as described in the guide
- I have run the game disabling my firewall/virusscanner
- I have played with my graphiccard settings (a lot)

And naturally I tried many variations of the above trying to find the right combination.

Some noteworthy information:

Before the Pandaria patch, no problems disconnecting at all, running the game on ultra settings. My wife her pc is located two steps next to me and she has no problems at all (so it doesn't look like a connection problem) we are both using the same wired connection.

I have no issues in any other games and I never had any problems with WoW before the patch.

My system:

Asus p6t SE ix58 mainboard
Core i7 cpu running at 2.66 Ghz (stock settings)
6 gigs of ram (did a ramtest and they are fine)
2 sapphire 5770 graphiccards running in crossfire mode
Running Windows 7 64 bit with all updates done

The game has been installed on a OCZ solid state disk.

If anyone can help me, every bit of advice is welcome, I am willing to try and adjust whatever settings needed and I have tried a lot already but I am running out of ideas.

One final thing, I do have to say I find it dissapointing that paying customers have to go through so much trouble to get a game running again whilst the problems have started due to a patch.

Anyway thanks up front for any advice.
Hi there,

Could I ask for an MSInfo file please? That'll give us more data about the network setup.

A guide on how to create this file is here:

Please pop it on Pastebin, then post the link here so we can take a look:
Is there any other method (more secure) to post the information? I've browsed the logfile it generates and I do not wish the information to be out in the open.
I cancelled my subscription because of this disconnection issue. I can't play the game even 30 seconds.

Thank you blizz.
^Same here, ty Blizz...
got the same problem... really really annoying
sometime you can play for a day, sometime 1 dc a min
Same problem here...
got the same realy annoying problem
tonight it was totaly crazy couldnt be online more than a 1-2 min when dc
yesterday i played many hours with only few dc.

Blizz plz do something now quick this problem makes wow unplayable for many ppl

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