Give me reasons to buy Mists of Pandaria

Ok, Here we go, Thing is I bought guild wars 2 with the idea to quit wow for good, was terribly bored with cataclysm, the whole expansion sucked except the first patch (the one before the troll dungeons)
thing is Guild wars 2 is way too laggy/clunky and the endgame sux. Dont know is it due bad optimisation, my computer, or just the game sux.

I have no desire to log in GW2 anymore. Then again I still have the annual pass active.
Logging in the game without the expansion atm gives you nothing, only new thing you can do it the pet battles.
Shall I buy it? Is there someone here like me who hated Cataclysm but loves the new patch?
How's pvp? Is it the same unbalanced crap as the few last patches?
How's rogue in pvp? I'm usually pretty casual guy, doing both pve and pvp so I'm interested in info about both.
In the beta I got pretty turned off by the whole rabbits and carrots theme, wtf was that? first dungeon I ran looked pretty stupid with that theme.
The zones are pretty. That was my reasoning when I bought it.

I absolutely hated Cataclysm with my whole heart but so far I really like MoP.
Well for my part i almost quit wow for good after cata. i stopped playing 6 weeks after cata hit. i decided to give wow one last try. I am so glad i did i think mists is really really good, i am addicted once more

Nuf said.

Will it be the same for you i dont know mate
what about the pve? are the dungeons any good?
how's 90lvl pvp? bursty? slow as heck?
what about the pve? are the dungeons any good?
how's 90lvl pvp? bursty? slow as heck?

The dungeons are pretty easy so far, though I haven't done any heroics yet. I'll get back to you on that tonight.

As for pvp; nobody knows yet. The season hasn't started yet and the expansion has only been out for 3 days.
if you join bg as 85, does it send you into a 85-89 bracket or 85vs 85?
OP, i'd be a bit careful about this approach, you said yourself you really enjoyed the first patch of cata and disliked it from then on, perhaps it would be wise to wait for the first patch notes before deciding if MoP is worth getting?
28/09/2012 10:38Posted by Razorbliss
if you join bg as 85, does it send you into a 85-89 bracket or 85vs 85?

85-89. And then there's a max level bracket at 90 of course.
Razorbliss I gotta say I understand completely what you're thinking. I quit 1 month after Cata came out, and tried D3, GW2, and LoL (I keep going back to league no matter what:)), but disappointed a lot in GW2, D3 also lacks endgame.


What is it like guys? Should I give it another try? Maybe someone with same thoughts as me?
Try the monk class. You may fall in love with this new class to the point of retiring your rogue. Or maybe not. But it's worth trying.
got same feeling as u do , whats stopping me is that.......not much anticipation , altho i am realllyyyyyyyyyyy interested in trying monk healing , it looks soo cool !!!!

but as mentioned above , wait till new patch with content comes wtih changes aswell then its good time to start playing the game
way better from cata , way better .

Cata = Fail !

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