Best Rep to grind first in MOP

Hello guys :) im coming upto level 90 in MoP now being 36% into 89 i need to start thinking about gear for level 90 :) and with this new 'stupid' way to get Justice Points and Valor Points gear i need to know whats the most important factions to get to revered/exalted first for gear. As i will most properly get all factions exalted in the near future i want to know which ones to do first that give me gear so i can gear up and come closer to raid ready as soon as possible :)
There are only dailies now. Do dailies for every faction available and you're done.
golden sun tbh mate, getting revered with them unlocks shado-pan dailies and then i think they unlock something else aswell.

but i have found for DK tanks the gear is just ilvl increase as the stats are wrong for me. i need mastery over everything else and not many of the tank items have that.
golden lotus you mean /pedant
02/11/2012 16:04Posted by Adidasler
golden sun
Golden Lotus ;)

Golden Sun is an EPIC RPG for the Gameboy Advance / Nintendo DS :D

( )

Still one of my most favorite games ever! :D
lol yes it is and i havent seen it for over 8 years lol dont know how it popped into my head.
Besides Golden Lotus, make sure to focus on the Klaxxi too. You've likely encountered them already while levelling in Dread Wastes, but they slowly unlock more dailies as you help them. :P

Also, while gear requirements do stop at Revered with each faction, Golden Lotus and Klaxxi will offer a quest at Exalted that rewards an epic necklace and ring, respectively.

And Golden Sun. <3 Who thought that the Priests here had good tastes? :o
i thought i was alone :') one of the best games ever..!!
If you check out some guides for timeless isle, including chest locations, you can pretty much skip the rep grind if youre lucky enough with timeless isle drops and LFR loot.

Just something to help streamline really :)

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