how to get back startquest "the art of war"

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I accidently abandoned the pandaria startquest "the art of war" which was auto given to me...

Is there a way to get the quest back?

this sux :s
Can you go to General Nazgrim in Grommash Hold and see if he has a quest for you?
nope, he's not even there :s

checked all npcs and tried with /tar too

no luck, no quest, no panda quests for me for now :s

any other suggestions?
Hey Cornu,
Looks like you have managed to continue on with the Pandaren intro quests, have fun in The Jade Forest!

edit: you replied as I typed.
Seems you just need to go to the Jade Forest and get the quest "Touching Ground" from Rivett Clutchpop
that solved my case, thank you Tiogaradh!
hey i have the same problem, but i cant see an answer what do i have to do to get that start quest back?

I'm also having the same problem, could you put up the solution?


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