The Pandaren choice - Alliance or Horde?

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The question has been asked for a number of times - and just moments ago by Arlien in another thread (1): Why did your pandaren choose one of the factions over another? What was the reasoning? What is the character trying to accomplish within the faction, or why does he feel more kinship with its members than the other faction?

Follow-up questions could include: What is the character ready to do for the faction? Kill in its name? ...even other pandaren? What are the limits of the character's loyalty to the faction? Does he have inspirational characters within the faction - or orders, brotherhoods, fellowships, groups or guilds that draw the character's interests towards the "main continents" of Azeroth?

New pandaren roleplayers - word is open. Why did you choose the faction you did?

I personally would just /roll to decide which faction to join, my Pandaren character (when ready) is quite open minded to both philosophies of Houjin and Tushui and wouldn't mind choosing either.

I can honestly say, in my experience I really can't percieve that many differences between Horde and Alliance when it comes to roleplay. The Alliance side is of course higher quantity but with more varied results as a result, and the Horde side tends to be a bit more concentrated, most of the roleplay happening in guilds and/or little conclaves about Azeroth such as the Valley of Honour and parts of Silvermoon City.

It's like choosing between an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet or an Italian restaurant.

I think I like both personally.
On an OOC level I'd certainly go horde because I prefer them, however IC I don't know if I'd be able to justify that decision on any Panda I may roll in the future.

IC...Alliance. The past relations with the night elves is a big incentive to go Alliance as the Pandas seem to favour friendships and bonds, they also value wisdom which both the Draenei and the Night Elves have in vast quantities (at least in theory). The Orcs...their past doesn't speak to them being very wise but I could see a Panda wanting to bring them to a path of peace, to let go of the demonic taint, help their culture find itself again...again. However, Horde would get a big, big, big minus because of the Forsaken.

The Pandas live in a place where negative emotions are made manifest in a really bad way, or something, and the Forsaken often put forward nothing but negative emotions. I don't think my theoretical Panda would want to be around that potential bomb.
My Pandaren will be in Pandaria and will be saved by the Lionguard Legion and later in gratitude pledge his loyalty to the Alliance in return.
What about others?
Psh. Ai is an adventurer. Choosing sides is a mook's game.
Shiensiu is more a traveler/adventurer type of Pandaren with a high interest of exploring the Azeroth from the human settlements to the icy peaks of Northrend. Picking a faction is more like a game mechanics so my Pandaren will be neutral trying to stay away from any military events , but she will be willing to share her wisdom and cooking talent with other races:)
Jilai and Gao have both chosen the Alliance, for similar reasons to one another. Jilai has had to choose what was best for her family, and after what transgressions she has seen occur at the hands of the Horde, she is all but adamant in her opinion that the Horde are nothing short of cruel and heartless savages.

Gao on the other hand sees the Alliance-Horde conflict as a one-way street; It's a war, and there has to be a victor. Helping one of the two factions persevere sooner rather than later may spare Pandaria from just that little bit more of undue destruction and death.
It was in the end quite simple, The first thing the horde asked for was weapons, while the first thing the alliance asked for where medical supplies.
Mei Yi agreed that inaction is the greatest injustice and that, although regrettably, violence is sometimes simply needed for the greater good. She also admires the discipline and strength of the orcs and tauren, their spiritual heritage and the fact they do not forget their ancestors.

And perhaps she (foolishly) believes the orcs can somehow be shown a path of less blind rage.. ahem, enthusiasm for anatomy classes in the field if under the right guidance. ;)
My pandaren follows the path of the Tushui, and has therefore chosen to side with the Alliance.

However, his loyalties to the Alliance are only to his fellow pandaren - while a curious spirit, he has no true bonds that tie him with the Alliance. He will not go out of his way to fight for the Alliance, but he will honor the agreement between the Tushui pandaren and the Alliance.
From an OOC stand point I'd rather join the Horde. ICly my Pandaren would prefer the Houjin philosophy. The problem however is that from an IC standpoint it seems very, very, weird for a Pandaren to justify signing on with the guys who's whole scheme at this point is literally - said plain in black and white by their leader - to take over Azeroth and commit genocide on the Alliance.
There's three reason I picked Horde over Alliance with my own panda;

Reason 1; Most of my characters are already Horde.
Reason 2; I want to travel the world, yet again as Horde, but with new eyes. However my panda is more of a merchant, who decided to join the Horde side, because he thinks they need ale.

Reason 3; When I actually did the Pandarean starting zone, I suddenly felt that the Alliance counter-part was quite a, well, b*tch toward the the Horde one. *SPOILER!!!* Because he hurt the turtle, but also saved it with the healers. (And he loved her!) She was just kind of rude toward the poor sod, who just wanted what was best. And he is the one ending up with Garrosh, heh...
To me it just felt like the Huojin thing was shoehorned in. Being hotheaded and rushing into things doesn't seem to fit the pandaren philosophy at all, and it looks like blizzard just wanted an excuse to put them on both factions. other Pandaran doesn't show up yet, oh well.

This fella will probably go Alliance, the Tushui philosophy is right up his street, whereas Lin Wenzu, my obligatory Monk went Horde for a couple of simple reasons, I had no preconceived faction for him, and the Horde NPCs actually were more polite in their quest dialogue than the Alliance ones, Ji always acted, whereas Aysa seemed to constantly be reacting, not even having a viable plan or beginnings of one to counter Ji's idea about "the Thorn" and lastly, and perhaps most tragically given that we're talking Pixels here, Ji was just, nicer, than Aysa, and he sounded so crestfallen when Aysa went Alliance that I thought "Oh bless, I'll come with you Ji, don't you worry" So I guess he chose his faction based on the fact that a 'friend' did, and lets face it, people have joined the army in wartime for worse reasons..

Just to clarify on that though, this was purely acting on the quest dialogue, my character is not actually claiming to be Ji Firepaws best mate in game :P

All in all though, the Huo'jin philosophy I found a bit more interesting than the Tushui one, which seemed very..I don't know, stereotypical, the idea of fleshing out what the Huo'jin school means to my character seemed more appealing.
Yunru could never back creatures such as the Horde, simply because they seemed more interested in getting armed and preparing for battle, where the Alliance were just trying to save their injured and their supplies.

Secondly, the Alliance seem to (unintentionally) have a flair for the Tushui philosophy - which Yunru believes to be the most honourable path in life. The choice was eventually an easy one.
Will possibly make my future Pandaren(s) members of the Alliance, due their strong bond with Dwarves.
One thing to keep in mind is that, as far as I know, there were no repercussions of having negative emotions on the -Wandering Isle-. Seeing as it's not part of Pandaria, where the Sha live... heck, it's not even an island (duh), just a big turtle with dirt, grass and trees on it's back.

Meaning that although the Pandaren were likely to still keep up their culture of focusing on the positive things in life and not bothering too much on the downsides, there wouldn't be black/white tendrils sprouting from someone's face if they suddenly decided to hate someone else, or fear something intensely, or have massive doubts about something etc.

Anyway, my Pandaren decided to go Alliance. The reason was that he prefers to atleast think things through -somewhat- before doing possibly bad things, thus pushing him towards the Tushui way. Plus, the Horde who came to the Wandering Isle, with their savage ways of fighting and nonchalant attitude to rigging a large ship with massive amounts of explosives, did -not- instill within him a great confidence for their faction.

It reminded him far too much of Hozen, and add to that that the Horde was apparently a massive faction with tens of thousands of members... yeah, he didn't like what he heard. Especially when he heard there were -walking corpses- in the Horde. *Shudder* And trolls to boot? Yikes!
Seeing as I plan for my pandaren warrior (When my internet starts working and I can install the bloody expansion) to be rather like a dwarf - happy-go-lucky, titanic girth, rarely not laughing, loves a fight, loves booze, loves life in general, I think he'll probably go Horde. Horde seem to more be spoiling for a fight, and have the kind of might-makes-right philosphy that means you can fight in bars and the like.

To those of you who have played Dynasty Warriors... Essentially, Zhang Fei.

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