Stacking speed nerfed? (Gem + Enchant + PvPset + FS)


So two days ago I disenchanted my lvl 85 PvP set.
I was sorry to see it go as the combination of:

  • PvP set bonus - 15% movement speed outdoors
  • Enchant Boots - Assassin's Step (8%)
  • Meta Gem - Fleet Shadowspirit Diamond (8%)
  • Talent - Feline Swiftness (15%)
  • Baseline cat - 25% Movement speed

    Gave me 192% speed in cat form, 201% in Prowl with Elusiveness and 215% in Travel form.
    (100 * 1,25 * 1,15 * 1,08 * 1,08 * 1,15 = 192,8205) <--------Speed in cat with lvl 85 PvP set

    Now, I don't have the lvl 90 PvP set yet.
    But with the level 90 equivelent of everything else:

  • PvP set bonus - Not yet aquired
  • Enchant Boots - Pandaren's Step (8%)
  • Meta Gem - Fleet Primal Diamond (8%)
  • Talent - Feline Swiftness (15%)
  • Baseline cat - 25% Movement speed

    I'm still only getting 155% in cat, 163% in prowl and 174% in Travel form
    It would seem that the enchant is no longer stacking with the gem.

    (100 * 1,25 * 1,15 * 1,08 * 1,08 * xxxx = 167,67) <--------Speed I should have, if gem + enchant stacked.
    (100 * 1,25 * 1,15 * 1,08 * xxxx * xxxx = 155,25) <--------Speed I have.

    What am I missing here?
    Was there a stealth nerf in the last hotfix (28.09.12) or have I just not been paying attention?
    It's just been a few days since I used my lvl 85 PvP set and had the full 192%
    So i have my PvP set now.

    Atleast as far as getting the 15% movement buff from the set, and the boots and gem still do not stack...

    Damn... and I had my hopes up and all.

    Well I expected the nerf from the beginning, but it stacked at 5,0.4 and there has to my knowlege not been any comment about it on any of the hotfixes nor on the 5.0.5 patch.
    (well they never stacked before beta / MoP)

    Ah well.

    200% in travel, 187% in prowl and 179% in cat is still alot better than I would have expected before MoP hit.
    I would have apreciated a patch note about it though.

    And yet noone wants to comment on it?
    (Nor correct me on any notes I might have missed?)
    03/10/2012 23:23Posted by Blòód
    And yet noone wants to comment on it?

    Nah, I'm good.
    04/10/2012 00:02Posted by Cheebo
    Nah, I'm good.

    Seing as you are posting from a lvl 85 mage I really don't expect that you you care...
    Or rather, I expect you feel that any speed nerf is a well deserved one.

    Although the fact that it stacked in beta and 5.0.4 was a little known fact;
    even among druids (estimated from the small amount of druids utilizing it in 5.0.4)
    I still would have expected the druid community to comment.

    Ah well, I can live very well on the current speed, which is still a considerable upgrade from 4.3.4.
    As I said though, I would have expected a patch note about it.
    What are you rambling about? The +MS metagem has never stacked with the boot enchant.
    Must be a bug if all that stack. Or you're just a phail troll
    They did indeed stack for 5.0.4 and in the beta.

    I am aware that they have never stacked before, and as such it has probably been fixed as a bug.

    Too bad I no longer have my lvl 85 PvP set to test with.
    I never took a screenshot of it but with a quick google search I found this post by Syio in the wowhead comments:

    There are probably also a few posts about it on the beta forums.

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