Players these days lack patience

Hello to everyone.
With no further ado I want to say that I'm amazed by the lack of patience players have these days.
What is up with all that I want to insta level 90, or please make a button for instant level 90 or questing is booring kind of threads.It appears that their authors didn't play WoW when questing was really annoying sometimes and there weren't any pointers on the map to tell you where you have to go but you actually had to read the whole quest to know what to do.

Questing is one of the main points in MMORPGs.It tells you about the whole story of the game, why you have to do this, or to kill that one or to safe this one.And in MoP all of that questing made even more sense story wise.In the expansions before, there were quests that were simply farming some mobs or collecting some stuff that had nothing to do with any kind of story.But in this expansion it tells you why you actually need to farm this (i'm talking about the kill 10 of these or collect 10 of those based quests).

And its not about the gear or for the challenge (cause blizz made quests pretty easy with all that help on the map), its about the fun,its about that you are actually part of some really well made story.And mixed with all that asien based art, atmosphere makes MoP one of the best expansions for now (can't tell about raids and heroics - didn't try them yet).And this is the really hard part of making a MMORPG, its not only PvP or farming gear for raids etc.

Well this is all I have to say, sorry for the wall of text and for the mistakes but I'm really sleepy at the moment.
Thank you for reading
I agree with the green skinned fellow above :)

Too many people are obsessed with end game content because it allows them to stroke their epeen and because it makes them "look cool" (it doesn't, but they think it does, and that's fine). As the OP says, the story is a huge part of a MMORPG - did you never wonder why there is so much of it?! So as those Pandaren like to say... "Slow Down!"

Part of the issue is definitely the quest map markers and such. Sure it is convenient, but all you need do these days is move to the appropriate place on the map and look for the sparklies or the mobs with the text above them - no need to read anything at all.

However if people want to play that way, they should be able to - everyone should play however they want. BUT... If a person chooses to play in such a manner (i.e. without immersing themselves in the story), then IMO those people have absolutely no right at all to come and complain that "questing is boring, give me insta 90 button" - it would be like watching a DVD at 3x speed with no sound and then complaining that it was boring had no story and was a waste of your time and money (i.e completely ridiculous).

Anyway, enough of that - I got things to do :)

PS. To OP: I would reformat your post with paragraphs and such. It's very hard to read as it is right now :)

People rush too much and forget to actually enjoy the game while playing it. I don't understand it really.

But anyway, I shall carry on taking my time and savouring every bit of exploration into the depths of Pandaria and discovering this awesome and well crafted place.

People rush too much and forget to actually enjoy the game while playing it. I don't understand it really.

But anyway, I shall carry on taking my time and savouring every bit of exploration into the depths of Pandaria and discovering this awesome and well crafted place.

^This :)

I have no desire to rush to end game content whatsoever! Whilst I can imagine it's somewhat tedious to level your 10th char to max level, I appreciate the Devs have put a lot of time into creating and revamping old quests and making story content, and as the OP said, it's a HUGE improvement on how it used to be, and it's nice to use the questing time to get to know my class well.

I admit I wasn't sure about buying Pandaria, but so far, I have to say I am loving it, and it's nice to take time to savour the beauty of the new zones.
I have to totally agree. People are so hell bent on being first with everything just to show off that they forget what the game is really all about - having fun! Explore the world, READ the quests and enjoy them, talk to people... You'll save yourself a helluva lot of personal stress and Blizzard won't have nearly half as many QQ 'I'm bored! There's nothing left to do in the game anymore' threads.

Sometimes I get really frustrated when I see threads like this where the poster complains of being bored and having nothing to do. Yet when I look at something like his achievement points, he's done virtually nothing. Pet battles? 'OMGQQNOEPOKEMONQQ'...farming dailies? 'ZOMGFARMVILLEYUCKNOES!!!'... PvP? 'ARGHGANKNOES!!' makes one wonder why someone who dislikes/refuses to participate in so much the game has to offer is still paying to play...?
I admit i dont have MoP, but personally i stopped caring about WoW's story quite a while ago.

With regards to ideas of "instant level 90 button" i think the idea has some merit. For me leveling has always been player training, letting you get used to the mechanics of your class for end game. Now that leveling has absolutely no challenge in it (and i mean the mobs you fight) the entire leveling process to me is completely worthless because at max level i will still have to learn how to play my class.

For a lot of zones i cant even enjoy the storyline since i outlevel the zones before the story ends, and i dislike the idea of having to do green/grey quests while leveling.

As for why so many people want to skip leveling it may be different reasons for each person, i imagine people who are leveling their 5th alt may care a bit less about the story since they've already been through it 4 times.

As for impatience, players may be impatient but it isnt always a bad thing. For me leveling no longer has any value at all, making me go through it again for any new alt i want to make is completely worthless and offers no enjoyment or value whatsoever. Perhaps its impatient to want to skip it, but honestly, whats the down side for me if i do so? I would have to wait for max level to learn to play my class/spec anyway.
28/09/2012 02:49Posted by Doombg
there weren't any pointers on the map to tell you where you have to go but you actually had to read the whole quest to know what to do.

I actually miss that.

I stopped reading quests a long time ago because of convenience :-/
I understand your point, and for level 85 to 90 especially, just level and see it all. It seems quite beautiful from what I have seen (I don't have the expansion).

However, I also understand those not wanting to level from 1 to 85 again too, some have done so much alts that doing it yet again has become a drag of doing the same thing all over again as that person already did all those same quests several times before. And yes, sometimes in all zones.

Looking at that, both have a point to what they say.
I wouldn't say it's a lack of patience, rather that 'levelling' is so mundane and unchallenging. It's about time Blizzard came up with some new ideas other than 'kill 10 of those', 'collect 10 of those' ad infinitum.

It's dull and unimaginative and you'd think a multi-billion dollar game franchise could come up with something more interesting.
I completely agree with the OP and some of the other commenters. Pandaria seems well thought out, and so far, the quests have been very enjoyable, and I'm going to take my sweet time just to enjoy them (and the music). There's absolutely no rush and no reason to rush. However, due to the high volume of players on, I feel as though I can only enjoy the game in the early mornings. So. I'm gonna do just that. :)
Ive spent an evening levelling so far, and I've been rushing.

But I have alot of characters at 85 that I plan on taking up to 90....theres plenty of time to go through at a leisurely pace with one of them. Also on that side of things, hopefully the zones will be a little quieter in terms of player count.
I absolutely love quests and usually read everything IF i havent done that particular quest in last week or two. When my character gets to level cap i often lose interest to that particular character and start over.

Starting over is not so fun as it once were since quests are done faster than before due unecessary linearity and zone only questing without traveling. Things are way too easy to kill and gettimg to destination (Level cap) is too often made withoyt dying once.

I often hope Blizzard would not cater that much to rushing kind of people and end game players. Scenarios is good examply, it should have been for all levels from 10 to 90 instead of 90. Challenge mode should not have been about speed but being careful and tactical etc.

With all account wideness starting over has less to do everytime i do it. Now the first account wide skill, pet battle training is implemented, i fear all other professions will also fall to that category.

For new Pandaren quests, i have not yet done any, i stay my temptation to go and do Pandaren until i got my Expansion and can start as Monk :) Im sure they are all well done and entertaining as this has been my feeling of story behind blizzard quests aklways.

Maybe i should just stop there since im drifting out of topic :D

Have a nice day, however ye play!
Because questing is boring and pointless 1 to 2 shot brainless monsters. Its pointless grinding which is no fun. Lore and roleplaying isnt for me eather.

I want 90 as fast as possible to do arenas and maybe some pve raiding.

For rest I dont care. Now I dont diss you because you like rp and you shouldnt diss me eather because I like other aspect of game.

Its like forcing players who play starcraft2 to complete campaign single player full mission in order to play against players in battlenet. Doesnt make sense.
Well killing brainless mobs and finding useless things for 10000 times is not fun even it has a story.

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