Could i use drinking bird not to go afk

You can pay me 150 euro an hour and I will sit at your house to jump and keep your character in game. I will answer any GM with semi inteligent replies if he tries to determine if you are using a bot, but that will cost extra.
27/09/2012 14:33Posted by Cheebo
It drinks water, not keyboards.

Maybe one could find a way to fix this.
Install Teamviewer on your PC and your phone. A few hours before you are due to get home, connect to your PC and login to WoW. Win

Doesn't work! :((

Darned proxies at work that prevent me from connecting to my pc thru teamviewer... bah!

26/09/2012 20:31Posted by Abysmal
Time to bind the jump key to my left mouse button, and run a macro in excel that makes me jump every 5minutes while i'm at work.

This....might just work. When I was on Grim Batol and queues were frequent and I needed to run to the supermarket or something, I'd get one of the kids to have my char jump every 5 minutes or so. Surely there would be no harm in this...would there?
Xenoneptune , i love you, That is perfect to me, who has no access to my pc whilst im at work, or able to get anyone to log on for me, i just have to sit in a 4k queue everday. I`ll try that tomoro.
27/09/2012 15:21Posted by Biksbi
It drinks water, not keyboards.

Maybe one could find a way to fix this.

We need to make liquid keyboards!

Yes i know that would cause all kind of problems but you cant deny that it would be cool to have one :P
I employed a stunning 20 year old Swedish secretary to push a key every 5 mins while painting her nails.
Works a treat and she always wears a low cut top on tuesdays to compensate me for the server shutdowns.
It's a mystery how i managed to level to 85 really as being "AFK" is a lot more visually pleasing than playing the game! 8-)

Use this one!
So the solution to not be in a queue is to make sure more and more people get stuck in the queue because of afk disconnect avoiding people ??
Just make yourself a simple macro that pushes one button every so and so second. For example press Button "A" every 1minute. And ingame you have "A" assigned to buff yourself <whatever>

Wow, really... so hard?

You cant call this "Botting" these days if you want to prevent those insane queues. Like Outland with its 5h+ for example

Clever use of a mechanic, there you go.

PS: But seriously Blizzard, I dont care, I rather use a "Third party program" than wait such an insane long time, just to give you my money for nothing.

I am gladly not having a 9-5 job, but would I, I consider myself pissed to wait till 10pm - just for 1-2hours gaming until I go to bed again. That is no fun.

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