Dark Soil and Onyx Eggs

Ok, so this is just a quick question to find out if anyone else has noticed a dramatic fall in the number of both Dark Soil nodes (specifically in Valley of the Four Winds) and also the Onyx Eggs for Order of the Cloud Serpent rep.

I've been farming both of these pretty non-stop after finishing all my daily quests and in-between heroic runs and during the past few hours I've been getting nowhere near as many as I was getting. Luckily I just got exalted with the Cloud Serpents, but I've still got a fair way to go to with various Tiller' members.

So, anyone else noticed the same thing? Have they spawn rates been hotfixed/nerfed or is it just that more people are farming them?
27/09/2012 17:29Posted by Blínded
or is it just that more people are farming them?


The bulk of the playerbase doesn't get to level 90 within a day or two, so in the past days the activties such as farming eggs or dark soils have been reserved to very few people. As time goes, more people will do it, and so you probably begin to find less eggs and dark soils yourself.

But that's probably also the way it should be. I mean, being exalted with the Cloud Serpents after a few days isn't normal, and it's only possible because you've probably had very little competition in regards to farming the eggs :)
I am not so sure, i play mostly from 3AM and out, most days i don't see a single player anywhere, but i have also not seen more then 1 egg after many hours looking for them, yes it was ridicolous before, my brother got exalted in 6 hours from neutral, i myself didn't hit 90 before after people started complaining.

Some say it is suppose to be hard, it is not suppose to take 6 hours etc etc, but then there are those who compare it to the Netherwing, which you really had no problems of getting exalted that fast, drop quests combined with more dailys and egg farming made it 1000% faster then what the cloud serpents is now (i farmed Netherwing rep to exalted on several chars in TBC)

If this was indeed a hotfix which is what it looks like, i hope they atleast are able to balance it out a little, cause as i see it now i whon't be exalted for weeks. and if they wanted this rep grind to be anywhere near the netherwing rep grind, they have some stuff to do.

Edit: just wanted to clarify that i have nothing agains't rep grinds that are intended to take a long time, i have grinded alot of reputations that was intended that way (Fexample the insane title rep farm) but if this rep grind was indeed intended to take a month with dailys gaining about 1400 rep a day, then it should've been like that from the start, not leaving us the players who either leveled up monks without RAF, or simply did not sleep the first days of launch to have to do dailys, when the ones who either got insta 80 with raf or lvld faster would get an advantage on this reputation grind.

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