Pandaren Quest Chain - Feedback to Blizzard

May not be the common opinion on these here forums, but just finished the initial Padaren Quest line leading up to faction choosing.

As ever, I was slightly wary about a new zone and potential for tedious quest chain, influx of irrelvant NPC's and side quests, and a lack of "new" stuff to play with. Well I am pleased to report that I found the chain fun, I found the story really enjoyable, and it the introduction of Pandaren as a playable race has been a resounding success in my humble opinion.

The chain was immersive, it was relevant, and most importantly, it was fun to play, and I felt like I was making a difference.

The cart idea was a good one, meaning less foot-walking after certain quests. The island/turtle itself look cracking, very appealing visually. The variety of quests helped aswell, with far less focus on relying on RNG to pick up required quest items from mobs.

I even found other players more helpful, adding me to parties when we we were clearly on the same quest etc.

So overall, a very positive start for the Pandaren in my eyes. I look forward to helping the Alliance in this latest chapter of a blood-stained history.

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