Pandaria - Stormwind

Hi , sorry for silly question.

How do i get back to Stormwind from Pandaria?

Srsly i'm searching for sth in Jade Forest for about hour and can't find anything.

Thanks in advance.
There's a portal to SW in the first village you visited, where you were sent to talk to them - Paw'don, I think.

The portal is about 5 yards from the questgivers, just where the two ramps come up to the open space.
The return one is west of the Eastern Earthshrine. Beside all the other Pandaren.
He is asking how to get out from Jade Forest if I understood correctly.
Oh just found it :) Paw´don village
is it any other portal to stormwind except for the one in pawdon village?
There are portals to every major city in the shrine.
Right there in the Shrine of the seven stars.

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