Gift Mists of Pandaria to a friend, how?

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I'd like to gift MoP to my significant other, but I've found no way of doing this trough the Blizzard store. Am I missing something? Not too keen on doing a money transfer/handing over my VISA details to get this done.
I am having the same exact problem to a T.
As far as I see they're only offering the option to buy the expac for yourself. Considering it's out already, they really should add it to the Blizzard Store so we can gift it. :/
Yeah. And I'd like to gift the Deluxe Edition since she loves the pet and mount, so I hope they will add the DD to the store asap as well.
Hey guys,
The option to simply buy Mists Of Pandaria from the store should become available soon, no date yet though so for now keep an eye on the website and store.
Thanks for the info!
I'll be waiting.
Has there been any other word on it?
10/10/2012 18:28Posted by Woush
Has there been any other word on it?

This is annoying really wanted to send scroll of resurection to my bro and mop at the same time and get him on asap hes missing out lol

Come on blizzard your missing out on free money :p
at the same time, make blizzstore more paypal friendly =/

I want to gift MoP too....
wanna gift mop, and store is only up to cata...

"should become available soon, no date yet" one month has passed, should i go to a local store?
Still can't see it anywhere :( help
come on blizz wanting to buy this for the other half

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