How often does items change in BMAH?

I've only seen 2 pets and arcanite ripper in AH so far, and now there's only a pet there. '

The auction is "completed" and no new items have appeared, are there any info on how often new items appear in bmah?
Maybe it refreshes at 12 midnight like Inscription research, or 4am like when dailies reset. Just a guess.

What are the prices of things on there?
I think once a day, with the daily reset.
Yeah, do we have any prices paid and for what items? It would be good to see what people are paying.
as far as i have seen its 20k for a heroic ilvl 535, 20k for a mount, 10k for a standard epic and then misc prices on misc junk. im interested to know how many people are actually paying this, and how many of those people have legit earned the gold within wow..
Well if its 20k for the heroic item, many people would buy that on my realm.
As far as your latter question, i know of many legit and illegit players who gained enough gold to easily buy anything for those prices.

(the illegal people arent vocal about it, but as an experience gold make you can easily tell)

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