Disc priest in mop

Ok lets have a look at some things disc priests were stripped of in mop

holy nova - now a glyph
Mana burn - removed
SWD poly - now a glyph
inner focus immunity - now a glyph
mind control - now a talent
divine hymn - removed from the game
Rapture - changed?

pretty much every single thing that disc was good for in arena has been took away, yet every other healer has been left the same/buffed with insane moves (symbiosis cmonnn)
Isnt a qq thread just more of a "write it all down and look at it" thread
Divine Hymn it's an Holy spell now.

Rapture was nerfed, at least as long as you dont get 13-15k Spirit. No more PW:S spam, it seems to me "changed" to force us AA/A play style.

I really don't know if it was intended, I mean AA/A play style it's just horrible in arena, not to mention you're highly exposed to silence/interrupt and be locked. No more Shadow Spells = no more fake casting locked.

Other than that, you are pretty right.
The things you mentioned are true, disc priests are indeed crap atm. There are lots of topics about this, I hope blizzard will collect as much info as possible about this and will come with good ideas in the next smaller patch, especially in pvp.

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