Golden lotus rep

I recently dinged to level 90 and I went to the vale of eternal blossoms to pick up dailies, however, I could not find any where ever I looked. I am currently neutral with the golden lotus, if I need to be friendly, where can I get rep with them?
I found my first one to send me to them at the bottom area of the faction city / town, hope that helps mate, good luck!
I got my chaining from the opening of the vale, after completing them and getting the message i'd need more experience, i went back to that place to continue.
I looked all over the vale and I could not see anymore D:
Go to ruins of the GUI-lai, two quests there open up daillies. TomTom 34.02,38.11
You need to do a questline starting with a quest called "The shrine of two moons", you should be able to pick up this quest from Sun Tenderheard in the Golden Pagoda. Hope this helps.

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