How do i get on the serpent spine

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Hi I was hoping somebody could let me know how I get on top of the serpent spine I have been looking for a way for a while now and can't find it.
thank you.
I haven't got there yet, but this post might help:

There's a rope on the floor by the wall that you click on and it lets you climb up.
If you're in Dread Wastes, face the wall and follow it left. You'll get to a small courtyard type area, on the floor on the right hand side is the rope (spiders might spawn in this area, can't remember).

I didn't find this when I did it and I had to take a flight path half way round the map to get up there.
I had the same problem - took me ages to find the rope - it is very small, and, yes, surrounded by spiders. Some kind of clue in the quest text would have helped.
Theres a quest line from a previous zone that gives you a flight up there, so there is a way to reach the top without having to go past all the spiders.
Uhm theres somewhere with a door you can enter. then u got to run up a starcase and to get to the other side(dead wastes) theres a robe as mentioned.. else jump xD
If only I'd known it back then. I got on the wall two zones away and rode the whole wall. Near the end there's a tower you can't get through, but you could jump to the next bit of wall. Only later did I find out about the rope...
you need a flying mount or you have to get someone to fly you there with a 2 passenger mount

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