Bag space issue

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Another thing, is the amount of in game junk, i.e. grey items.
When questing I keep 5-20 slots in my bag just for the amount of junk I pick up. Every so often I vendor it, sometimes on my tundra mount. But the point is I autoloot to save time, picking up quest objects, green gear, nice stuff and my bags quickly fill up with junk.

I know this adds flavour to the game, but it can get frustrated when you have e.g. three spaces left in your bags, you go to loot a quest mob, and the three spaces fill up with junk, leaving the quest object unlooted.

How about an option to turn grey items to gold as you loot, even if it is less than the vendor amount.

How about adding a Gnomish/Goblin trash compactor which takes 1 bag slot and automatically turns any looted grey items into gold? Could be a boe engineering item?
I agree that bigger bags are not the answer as we will all just carry more around with us. I think most things have already been mentioned here but I would like to see

A tab similar to Pets/Mounts or an extra tab the character screen (ala Titles)

Vanity items
Once you pick them up you can "learn" them and they will go into something similar to your spellbook. Don't need to be BoA - if my alts want them they can find them themselves but especially now with so many vanity items in MoP we can't keep all the ones we find in bag slots.

Cooking items
Pantry at the farm. Once exalted get a quest chain which will get you a pantry either inside or a little shed outside which you can store all your cooking ingrediants. Once you've levelled up your apprentice you can access it wherever.

Not sure what the best solution would be but carrying around a PvP set, an off-spec set, transmog sets, takes a lot of spaces.

Do that and I doubt you would ever need to introduce larger bags ever again nor would you need to upgrade the old trusty backpack.
Love this thread<3 I'm usually running with no more than 8 bag slots, I keep my raid consumables stored in the mailbox at all times, and I have alts and a personal guild bank crammed. My additions:

Season 11 gear vendors brought back. I'm not even talking about elite sets, just the bog standard honour gear. Really hope this was an oversight. Coming to mention it, there are a few past PvP items missing from vendors, requiring more people to use precious bag space.

A material storage system, like GW2, as many have suggested.

To make this fit with WoW, it could use the profession bags (and finally give a real use and a market for those). You could have 1 slot for each type of bag i.e. 1 engineering bag, 1 herb bag, 1 mining bag, etc. Once that is full, too bad, it goes back in your normal bags. So you are encouraged to invest in the best profession bags available. This could be Tillers-related (each best friend gives you a specific bag space), or perhaps a totally new way to unlock them.

ALL quest rewards available from vendors, possibly via a special vendor that is only available when you have the associated loremaster achievement.

The game knows you have completed the quest, so why not? At the very least, these could be added for Pandaria quest sets... very fitting with the Loremaster theme; the vendor(s) could be located in the loremaster hub. As an avid transmogger, the bag space system is currently stopping me from completing loremaster on my main as I don't have the space to store the unique quest rewards. I've already mourned dozens of quest rewards I can not get back because I completed the quest years before transmog was even conceived. Now I'm too worried that I'll lose out on a unique model that I'll want for a future outfit, so I won't do the quests.

Also, the spec-only item choices are discouraging me from leveling my paladin. I have to look up each quest on wowhead to make sure I'm not missing out on any cool models because I'm in the wrong spec. Being able to access all the plate items from a vendor would alleviate that worry.

Archaeology storage for rare items. Store all the fun archaeology items in another tab on the archaeology journal, or allow us to re-buy them with Lorewalkers Restored Artifacts. I'm scared to finish my collection of archaeology rares because I have nowhere to put them and can't re-acquire them once deleted. They could also just be made BtA like the Scarab Storm.

Remove the need for High-Powered Bolt Gun. Really now, plenty of engineers need to keep hold of this useless item in case they some day want to craft one of the ~4 items that require it as a tool.

Stackable Pit Fighter trinkets. I'll probably never finish this achievement because I need to dedicate up to 11 bag slots over the course of several months.

Other ideas that I love which have already been suggested:
-Tabard storage tab, where tabards are learned like titles.
-Token storage to include way more items: DMF Game Token, Lesser Charms, Tillers rep items (Ruby Shard, etc.), Tomes of Clear Mind, Restored Artifacts, Dread Amber Shards, Coin of Ancestry, Halaa Battle/Research Tokens, Brewfest Tokens, Mote of Harmony, Skyshard, Fragment of Val'anyr, Tier tokens, ALL rep turn-in items.
-Full tier set storage. A way to pack a full set into one item, that you can open later to grab the item you need. This would also be a pretty fun thing to collect. I don't usually collect the shoes, bracers or legs from a set, but now I would have a reason to venture out and get them to complete the set for packing away.
-Festival set storage. Full Brewfest, Midsummer and Winter Veil outfits packed away, like the tier sets.
-Stack size increases.
-Void storage increase. Make it cost a bomb! We know you guys love gold sinks. I'd gladly pay.
-Unlockable armour dyes so you can store several colours of the same model in one bagspace, and possible ways to obtain recolours that were never released (such as ones used by NPCs).
-Quest item inventory.
-Profession bags taking one bagslot in a regular bag.
-Vanity item spellbook/museum.
-Full transmog set storage (coat hanger, wardrobe or mannequin). Not only for bagspace, but easier switching between your transmog sets.
-Gnomish/Goblin trash compactor which takes 1 bag slot and automatically turns any looted grey items into gold.

No need with more bag spaces, just make more items stack, like instead of 20 Windwool Cloth, make it 100. Just raise the amount. And like yesterday, I bought 20 Arch boxes of Tol'Vir, well those could stack, since they don't... :P
Just adding my 2 cents as others have basically already suggested it.

I would like to see a wardrobe added to the game.

Every item you loot in-game, is added to your wardrobe to use for looks/transmog, once you have no use of the item, you are able to sell/delete the item, and the item remains in your "look" wardrobe, available purely for transmog, as you would not be able to equip the item.

Quest items are attached to your quest log and don't fill space in your inventory.

You can have a pantry, that acts as a cooking bank which can store any manner of consumables, and raw/uncooked meats/fish/veg.
Hmmm, bags inside bags inside bags :p
Infinite space!
I'd love so see something like a fridge (bank for cooking materials) located near cooking Teachers.

My idea of a fridge in wow is that goblins and gnomes also contributed an invention like the "Daily Bread Breeder X5000" which consists of about 4 spaces inside the fridge. If players place food or materials inside it there is a chance that the stack gets increased by 1,2 or 3 pieces after one week.

+ you could ad something funny like that there is a chance that a rare pet companion shows up in the fridge after a while ("Forgotten Yoghurt") or combine it with a weekly quest (Fridge Maintenance)

And of course Engineers would be able to build a fridge (in combination with a cooking place) - imagine a "Frozen Hell" Goblin BBQ-Grill

sorry for my english its not my native language ;)
For banks you could do like the guild bank and have tabs that unlock full sized banks and each one has the upgrade bag slots at bottom.

Vanity Items should be made into learn-able collectibles and be put in a special spell book like system were you use the item and its learnt into the book. Some items like the Orb of Deception should be made like Orb of the Sin'dorei so they can be learnt as well.

Transmog Wardrobe system.
Build up custom sets of transmog gear.
Works like a large bank with all the transmog items stored in it.
(sortable by type, weapon, head, back, hands etc. to help limit the about of screen used up)
Off to the side you have a part with a transmog like screen were you can slot the gear in. (with preview of course)
Above that you can set a set name for the gear set and save it.
on the right side of that will be a saved list of your sets.
When you go to the transmog persons you will be able to access the list of your sets direct and apply.
Were to place this?
Well I was thinking a wardrobe placed in tailor trainer stores would make the most sense. but that could cause crowding issues so maybe more then one, so any place that sells armors and blacksmiths and leather-workers as well.
I would like to have an Account-Chest, summonable like your guildbank, where you can storage your bind on account stuff.

Oh, also, the archaeology and vanity stuff should be bind on account
I have a sugestion, make something for tabards, like we have pet or mount journal. it will save some space, there are alot of tabards in game, and i for example use them if they match my gear and keep others in bank, but most of them are completly usless, and i rly don't want to delete them.
I have heard many RPG players call for something like a personal 'home' over the past few years. Considering how items tend to overflow the bags, why not just 'leave some at home'?

Since everyone has chosen a race, I suggest creating a place inside each capital city that suits the race that people can call their 'personal home'. It could be a small instanced zone that is available to just you as a player. Another option could be to make it a phased location. Naturally, it should be possible to invite friends over!

Why a home? A home has many rooms, perfect for keeping things such as vanity items and trophies. This way, you can add:
* A basement - for cooking items and materials, as well as a stove etc. to do some actual cooking. You could make cooking a bit faster when cooking 'at home', and only there.
* A dressroom in which to keep Tabards, shirts and possibly gear to a certain extent. Say, put in three armor racks on which you can put and entire set of gear. This allows for a good way to free up space from older content tier sets with possibly a visual look as well. Think the balconies in Shrine of Seven Stars, for example.
* A bedroom to keep jewelry and sleep with one-and-a-half or double the normal rested experience gain (here and only here). There's no place like home, after all! Choosing to gain rested at home is also a choice, depending on where you are questing.
* A trophy/vanity room, in which you can store all sorts of vanity items in showcases etc.
* An arms room, in which to keep weaponry.
* A hobbyroom, in which to practice professions. Here one can store items that could be needed for the professions: vials, tools, vellums, fishing rods, mining picks etc. Note that these items have to be bought at a vendor, but can be stocked in this room.
* A study, in which one can keep records of wealth, pets, mounts, currencies, victories in PVE/PVP, a world map hanging on the wall etc. this is mostly a 'vanity' way of looking up the records, giving an organized view of the things you are actually looking for.

Why a home in one's capital city? This way, most capital cities will find more players more often. It also provides the player with a choice: where to rest/craft and where to store items? If items are stored 'at home', then you can only fetch them there. To keep items in one's bank will allow them to access those items in other capital cities.

How to go about it? Start out with a simple home that doesn't have that much 'capacity' yet. Capacity can be purchased in the sense of storage shelves, show cases, armor racks, jewel boxes etc, with varying capacity and prices as a player purchases more of these.

This also allows for another gold sink for this game, as well as additional item storage in an elegant matter.
These items could possibly be purchased from vendors, found in the world/dungeons as special 'vanity' capacity items, and maybe rewarded from quests. Naturally, it should be possible to switch, say, an armor rack with another one if the player so desires. You could add an attic in which to store capacity items!

What about races that don't have their native capital city anymore? Trolls, Goblins, Gnomes, Worgen and Pandaren may have an issue here. One solution is to allow these races to choose their own capital city. Another solution is to simply stock them all in Orgrimmar/Stormwind.

This is just my idea, shaking it out of my wrist and thinking about the possibilities. It could probably use some tinkering, but I'm curious about feedback from my fellow players here. Even if it's a long stretch and a lot of work for the dev's to actually realise, please keep it constructive. ;) One can always fantasize!
I like the idea of separate bag tabs. You have your standard bags but then a separate tab for heirlooms, tier sets, profession materials etc.

I'm not one for over simplifying but an heirloom and tier set tab could be presented as a check-list similar to how pets are now done. You can see all that are available and the ones you own are highlighted and can be equipped from that. Also it would help the completionist in me keep track of what is yet to be acquired.
Like all here I am in need of space and badly. I have only five slots free and yes the pandarian vanity items have mostly gone bye bye because I can't quest nor dream about new item sets. In suggestions I will focus on player housing and by adding the ideas I have also read and thought myself. Here goes… The housing already exists, well the models to it on my suggestion.

Adding bag space might fix the problem fast now but in long run all the items would be scrambled and lost to the mass and the amount of them would be growing. Make a larger improvement because small doesn't really work anymore.

Player housing, phased home. “Return home spell” includes small land. (Pond, tree garden, well, stable etc)

Would be server bound. Account bound would bring too much hustle. I will explain why.

Player housing is character based. You can of course choose if you are alliance house that looks like: human, dwarwish, gnomish, elven, draenic, worgen and pandarian and same as horde and the houses would of course be right size to that race. (Scale the player to right size)

Wardrobe: Store tier sets and seasonal sets here. (armory to tier sets) (Character bound for the reason that follows) They appear on spellbook tab and also the ones you choose (max five) will appear in “armory” that differs what house you have. On a mannequin like the shop sellers have. They would also vanish from bags and no mark needed. You have the tier set and now it will stay just a button a way in spellbook forever.

Tabards: wardrobe also. They appear on Tabard tab in spellbook. Those that have function will keep it like a spell.

Heritage gear: wardrobe, account wide. Just click it on from spellbook. Mail hopping and remembering where the gear actually is? Whose with me?

Crafting chests: All these would be server wide. So no logging on alts to get them nor sending over and over again by mail. Also you wouldn't need to REMOVE them from the storage to use them on crafts. Also applying the larger stacks would help on this. There would be of course different ones to different professions. Kitchen for food storage, basement for alchemy lab (alchemy) and herb box beside it. Also engineering table and box there. Upstairs wardrobe and cloth drawer. Blacksmithing and ores outside with anvil and forge and ore cart. Enchanting items, shiny magically glowing box in the bedroom. Jewellery box, jewelcrafting etc. (server bound but makes lives really easy. PLEASE MAKE STACKS BIGGER than 5, 10 and 20.

A Vanity Spell book, Vanity and archeology categories and they appear as spell book tab. And please if you fix the inventory issue. Make a seller to get some back in town. Needed to delete a few already because bag space. Also in your housing some might appear in items to the decoration.

Add a stable on the side for mounts and a 'pen' for the battle pets as well. You would choose which you can show. (showing 200+ anything will be messy)

Achievements and lore books, scrolls. Appear in decoration and bookshelves. The house would show the history and memories you have from game. And yes, you could read the books and scrolls in your house.

The ability to invite friends into your "phased home".

Your own farm. After tillers then what? Pvp on some realms make the farming pain. Add that too to the housing just because it fits.

This is all. The housing would be awesome and the new inventory would be good to implement just for that. Under few other ideas that most have probably said. I will join the yelling crowd!

- Default backpack size increased upon character level. 16 is soooo outdated.

- Give us a quest item tab that doesn't take up bag space. Really… This was a pain. Some quests needed 4 items to collect among the other quests that wanted even more? Needed to ask my friends to take all stuff that -wasn't- soul bound to complete quests and run back and forth to return quests or mail stuff… It is a huge pain and takes time. A lot.

- Crafted items soulbound… This ticks me and most tailors and also now the rest that lift up their professions. Why the hell are the motes and specially mostly needed cloths soulbound? And also the motes come to alts that might not have crafting professions and so they are left unused. It destroyed the tailorer's selling market and made crafting quite sucky and trivial with tailors. Not needed.

Before you could craft, sell the cloth and finished product in AH but no more. The tailors mostly make them to themselves. (If they are not masokists nor having unlimited bag space) From that we also move to the matter of soulbound bags. I would rather send them to alts than sell those bags that I could still use for one measly gold to vendor… Account bound please… And now the crafts are behind reputation and the pattern for the bag? One to revered and the other reputation to EXALTED. I would scream out loud so long and hard of how this slaps those that have small space in their bags to their face. (More if you are not a tailor and need to buy the bag probably with 100k)

- Any quest/rep turn-ins could be converted to currency and added to the currency tab.

- Secondary Spec having its own equipment slots

What do you guys think? Gave this a lot of thought. (And read also all the 13 pages and the suggestions before that) And last, Blizzard I need more spaaaaaace!
Like the idea of being able to access previous quest rewards for transmog purposes only. Get an item/drop and a stat-free version of it goes into your "wardrobe" which you can access whenever.

Could be a lot of work for Blizz though as they would have to double up every clothing item and then work through everyone's quest history to see what they have had access to but it would be fantastic for transmog purposes.

Speaking of which - how about adding more replica sets available from the Darkmoon Farie?
16/10/2012 13:04Posted by Xiie
As an avid transmogger, the bag space system is currently stopping me from completing loremaster on my main as I don't have the space to store the unique quest rewards. I've already mourned dozens of quest rewards I can not get back because I completed the quest years before transmog was even conceived. Now I'm too worried that I'll lose out on a unique model that I'll want for a future outfit, so I won't do the quests.

I got Loremaster of Pandaria on this character. I did the first zone happily disenchanting everything, assuming the vendors with slightly lower item level items would have the same models & colors available. I even checked wowhead far enough to see that the models were the same.

And then I discovered that the colors weren't the same and the red set was gone for me. So I used my first ever item restore to get it all back. It took about a week and the items arrived in my mailbox...great, they have 90 days before they go away, so I didn't worry about it too much...except that now I noticed that the shoulders hadn't been restored (or it's somewhat possible I had lost them again). The GMs now refuse to restore that one item even though it's in the original request (and shown as disenchanted), saying it has been too long since it was lost.

I'm not questing much on my alts...they're grinding spiders, gathering herbs and doing dungeons for their xp. I guess you don't really need the quests for reputation in the first zone.

So, we got green item vendors with Pandaria for offspecs, but the colors aren't the same. Such a shame... And there's at least three sets of BoE cloth that are all the same model and color. How boring is that? Why not make some of them the same color as the quest rewards?

Now I'm putting GMs through all this trouble just because those shoulders aren't available anywhere in game if you don't keep at least one of the quest rewards... :(

Making the green BoE sets more varied in color and model would be a nice change for 5.1. Should be simple enough?
I'm pretty much in agreement with the other great ideas that have been put forward in this thread, although I have some tweaks for the implementations as they are proposed. In this light I thought I'd add my 2c.

Vanity gear sets
The issue:
Although a variety of items drop, the amount of actual models that exist in the game is far less, the items that actually drop are mostly recolours and stat differences. The main reason to keep these sets around in your storage is pretty much exclusively for transmogrification or RP purposes, or sentimental value. Items that have sentimental value as a 'conventianal' item (meaning with its stats intact) can be put in the void storage so they are not the issue.

My proposal:
To solve this issue, I would suggest a system where you can have the transmogrification vendor 'learn' a certain item model and colour that you have obtained, for a small gold fee, which also removes the item itself. In exchange, you will be able to freely transmogrify any new items you bring to the transmogrification vendor, at the usual transmogrification cost. In this system the amount of data that is stored on the server is still increasing over the current situation, but I feel that this is unavoidable if the goal is to implement something that gives either equal or improved storing capacity compared to the current implementation. Major advantage is that the server only needs a bunch of 'checkboxes' that remember whether or not you taught the vendor a certain model and if yes which colourations you taught it. This same system could also be used for the 'vanity' tabards if coupled with a new 'blank tabard' item that you could buy from a tailor or vendor and then transmogrify into any of the tabards which you've 'taught' to the vendor. The few tabards that have an 'on use' effect or an active effect can then be excluded from this or perhaps even be allowed to be transmogrified to look like another tabard.

Effect: Removed space taken up by vanity gear, removed space taken by tabards, minimal impact to server side storage needed per character

Crafting storage
The issue:
As many people have made clear, with the new cooking materials from Mists of Pandaria we're quite simply running out of space to put all this stuff. In addition, it feels clunky that you have to take stuff out of your bank to craft with it and send it to another character to have that character use it.

My proposal:
In this respect I feel that the solution implemented in the recent update of Guild Wars 2 is the best, both from a usability point of view and from a technical point of view. To reiterate, in that game you get an account-wide storage for all of your crafting materials, one slot for every 'material' with substantial stack sizes (although the stack size in that game is currently still too low to truly eliminate the issue). When you start crafting, any materials that are in this storage are freely available for use in addition to any materials that may be in your bags. Ideally you would be able to send materials to this storage in the field at the click of a button, but even if you had to go to a bank to deposit the items it would be a huge improvement over the current system. On the technical side this allows a similar implementation to the previous: you simply keep a list of possible crafting materials along with the amount that the player has collected. Since it is central storage, players will not use up as much of their characters' storage real-estate meaning that overall less data will need to be stored.

Effect: Removed space taken up by crafting materials, higher quality of life for crafting by removing the need to mail stuff around, possible decrease in server side data storage needed per account.

Reward tokens
The issue:
Some tokens are still implemented as actual item drops where they could easily be made into currency.

My proposal:
Turn them into currency. Gear tokens would probably need to be excluded from this to avoid excessive UI complexity.
Perhaps the functionality of the auction house and trade window could be expanded to allow a select few currencies to be sold and/or traded. Either that or some sort of system could be implemented to allow a player to convert those currencies into items that can be sold/traded...although no items currently come to mind that have this functionality today and I'm not sure this would actually add much.

Effect:Unified experience, removed space taken up by tokens

Fun items
The issue:
The last culprit taking up lots of valuable storage real-estate are the numerous toys and 'fun' items. Although we can't do away with the various iterations of the 'fun rock' there is a lot to be gained.

My proposal:
As many before me have noted, in the current UI it would make sense to simply add another tab to the mounts and pets window where we can have a list of all those fun activation based things so that we can simply click on the fun item we want.

Effect: Removed space taken up by toys etc., scales wel into the future

Role specific items
The issue:
For classes that have different talent specialisations or roles within those specialisations (looking at you, feral druids ^_^) bagspace can quickly become a problem. Imagine a raiding druid with a feral offtank/dps spec and either a restoration healing spec or a balance dps spec. This poor druid will potentially need to carry around 3 full sets of gear, 3 different kinds of buff food, at least 2 different kinds of flasks or elixirs and probably some extra trinkets since some are often situationally better than others. And we're not even taking into account the fact that this druid might also be carrying some spare enchants and gems so that when a new piece of gear drops for them they can immediately start using it.

My proposal:
My proposed solution here is twofold. Firstly, I would suggest allowing people to equip specific gearsets for each talent specialisation, with the option to have items shared between the two. This way our feral druid will only have to carry around one extra set instead of two and most people can make do with no extra sets at all. At the same time, those who pvp but don't have a full set of dedicated pvp gear can still have a normal spec and a pvp spec and share some of the items between the two without much hassle.
Secondly, I would suggest some extra space (perhaps extra slots on the character's gear screen) where the player can store consumables for that particular spec. A protection warrior for instance would have 5-6 slots that can hold tanking flasks/elixirs and food that gives buffs like stamina or parry, but not intellect food etc.

Effect: Removed space taken up by multiple gearsets, removed space taken up by spec-appropriate consumables, slight increase in server side data storage needed but scales well into the future

If all this is implemented, how will things be?
While questing we will still carry pretty much everything that we receive, except perhaps crafting materials if that change is implemented. Still, we'll have saved some space since toys don't take up space anymore. Since we can have multiple gearsets 'equipped' we can quickly hop into a LFD, a group quest, a battleground, or whatever we like to do most often. If we want to clear up some space, we need to go to a city and visit the appropriate NPC's, pretty much as it is today. If we want to craft, all we need is to make sure that any secondary crafting requirements are met like being near an anvil or forge or being in a certain location so there's not much of a change there, except we can now craft anything we have gathered materials for on our account.
If we don't have a lot of money and vanity stuff we can still choose to stockpile everything in our bags and bank, but in future expansions the amounts of fun stuff and cool gear can be increased without any impact to bagspace since we always have the option to have the appropriate vendor take care of our not-so-phat-anymore loots for us. If we're the kind of player that likes to collect all the steamy romance novels, or all plate armors with a name starting with an 'a', we can still satisfy our obsession but 'joe average' will never run into any storage space problems ever again.

overall, the amount of storage space each player's account takes up should be roughly the same as it is today. Since so many things are now turned into lists, it might even be possible to reduce the actual bag and/or bank space the player has so we can save some database real-estate there. The increase of database storage in the future will be minimised since most people will use our new features to store their old gearsets and those are simple 'checkbox lists' anyhow.

Apologies for the wall of text, I hope it helps someone ^_^
A wardrobe and a weaponrack would help alot.

But all in all.. I would like to see a system like the guildbank for players.
Havent read full thread but some of it.

I have a suggestion:

We all know that tier sets and tabards take alot of space in our bank especially tier sets that can range about 5-8 pieces per set.

What i suggest to do is something i would refer to as a tier book:
Whenever they release a new set, they simply add a new page to the book,
the tokens you get in instances will work the same but when you actually trade the token for the armor piece we say healer - paladin version of a tier they will unlock that slot in the book. And can from there be draged into current wear slot.
This means of course that you still have to get the tokens like we usually do and trade it for dps set even if you already have healer, so it would not take away any challenge of getting diffrent sets of diffrent specc etc,, but still solve the problem with spaces.

Still if so the tokens system would work the same, just that you add it to the book, and by that you can solve the constant issue with new tier taking additional bank spaces.

This could probably be done same to with tabards, this how having a tabard page in book you can just drag it out.

Book would of course work as diffrent to all classes, warrior got warrior tiers etc, and nothing that should be account wide since it would take away the challenge of getting the sets on diffrent chars!:)

Bags should still feel limiting, stacks of stuff should not be too high.
That's because inventory management should still matter (it is some sort of gameplay element in every RPG). It also would feel too ridiculous to be able to carry so much around. There needs to be some kind of balance between realism and convenience/fun, it shouldn't become overly annoying or ridiculous in either direction. Too limiting/realistic would be too annoying for a game, but too liberal would be too ridiculous or even completely remove the need for limited slots.

What should be kept seperate of the main inventory (for "free"), though, are things like tabards, clothing and maybe quest items. Because you get so many of them and it's just too annoying.

Also, storage for clothing respectively the void storage could use a complete revamp. As it is, it's just some kind of annoying and expensive extra bank with way too few slots anyway.
I think by now every transmogger has a full bank and void storage already.
And the list of good-looking or set gear grows with each content patch...
How about a wardrobe, like you have one gear set equipped and you can store 2 more sets in your wardrobe that you carry. Or just a huge wardrobe in the bank, 8 sets or something?

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