Extremely Quick MoP review.

Heya, just my thoughts. I don't get on the forums often so unlikely to reply to much, but feel free to discuss :)

I'm a casual player, i looove achievements and i'm always impressed with the work the guys and girls at Blizzard put in :) this will be very brief, just thought i should share my opinions :)

Lore: amazing, was hooked from the first cut scene before heading to Pandaria.

Questing: Amazing, perfect blend between storytelling and not being overly linier (which was a little tiresome in Cata)

Zones: beautiful, really creates an amazing world. Jade Forest was my favorite though,.simply stunning.

Armor: Am a little disapointed with the variety of armor, it's all looked a bit same-y, but i'm sure there's more stuff, i've only done questing and some non hc's so far!

Scenarios: Only done 4 so far, but thoroughly enjoyed them! They're quick, 'cheery' and tuned nicely :)

CRZ: I know this is all in the works but it's great so far,.i'm loving seeing and meeting people out in the world :) looking forward to it being improved, my main quarrel with it is the time it takes to load when entering/exiting the area.

Characters: they are so well developed! I was almost cheering when people came together at the end if Vot4W! Chen was an all round favorite, got excited whenever he turned up lol

Major City: I loved the idea of having to get there. i went through everywhere else,.got Loremaster, before heading into the VoEB. It really gave me a sense of story. Like playing through a game, and then letting the 'end game' bits start.

Dailies: I love dailies and rep grinding. Those little green bars the end with mount buying are my favorite part of the game, and there looks to ne enough of that to keep me busy!! Loving it!

Cooking: Is confusing me and is a little overwhelming. But i'm in no rush, going to take it slowly and no doubt when i understand it better i'll love it :)

Loved not flying till 90, really made me experiencec and appriciate the world.

Pet battles: Immense. Immense. Whoever came up with this idea is a genius. I would pay to travel azeroth and battle pets, and here it is as part of wow itself! The achievement list is a little daunting, so i'm thoroughly looking forward to working my way through them! :D

So yeah, just some thoughts. Thought i'd share for once instead of just lurking. I'm loving playing wow, keep up the good work i'm impressed, as always :D

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