Orgrimmar got nuked?!

Argent Dawn
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Today at 14.30 Orgrimmar got nuked, killing almost everything except for a few NPCs, all players and most of the NPC civilization died including Garrosh and Gamon, our two greatest douchebags.

What happened? Really? And did Stormwind also get this?

My warrior trainer died, so I couldn't respec...
Yeah, I was there. That's some weird crap. :(
It was really weird. I was AFK for like one minute, and when I came back I was dead and so were everyone else, including NPCs and such. Really creepy. I wonder what happened.

At least roleplayers got something interesting to RP about.
Clearly it was based on LoS because i was in the forge when the first "wave" hit everyone.

I wander outside then BANG, i was dead too.

Maybe a rogue GM?
Maybe it was...Maybe hack? Maybe it's the nuke on Orgrimmar by the Alliance already?!

Well...I was in the Hall of the Brave by that time. I died a hero's death!
I also wonder what it was. I was in the bank at that moment, I died a hero's death as well!
I bubbled a sec before it hit us, so i survived! herpi derp.

But seriously.... Would be good to know what happened ^^
Fack you pally :C You're psychic, knowing when to bubble and not.
dolan plz
It was the GNOMES!
07/10/2012 13:35Posted by Kinzoku
What happened?

Sorry, was checking out my new fire spec.

Add: On a serious note, there's a rumour that it was a GM proving a point. I find it hard to believe though.
...GM that was proving a point?>_> The !@#$?
Sorry people of Orgrimmar! I was a bit trigger happy and accidently pressed the big red button and my blightnuke was launched on Orgrimmar. Won't happen again,. I swear!
akru plis, dont make me betray you
07/10/2012 13:59Posted by Nennius
akru plis, dont make me betray you

It was an accident oke!
And you done that already once, scum...
Akru...I'm sorry to say but that can't be it. I'm blightnuke immune :C Your point is invalid.
I sat on it.
Cataclysm: New Orgrimmar.

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