Orgrimmar dead

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Out of nowhere every player and some NPCs all of the sudden died on Ragnaros-EU in Orgrimmar
screen shot please
Sorry but I'm lactose intolerant and since the only mana drink I can drink is Pearl Milk to gain my mana, I ended up letting one go .... in Orgrimmar.

It was so effective, it killed several other server versions of Orgrimmar ......
Was either the dreaded lurgi, or you fell asleep :P
Happens on Twisting Nether EU as well
Same happened to everybody in Orgrimmar on the Ragnaros realm. Combat log only says "You died."
All NPC's were dead too...
Here you go: Twisitng nether EU.
- All in durota, and Orgimmar:
Happened on Tarren Mill aswell
Just happened on Draenor too :D
Just happened on Draenor too
The new chemical weapon of the alliance is working.
07/10/2012 13:42Posted by Teriff
The new chemical weapon of the alliance is working.

Don't troll.

It's obviously the Forsaken.
God freaking damnit, why do I always miss pretty epic things when I'm not online?!?!

*Slams cookie onto desk*
07/10/2012 13:56Posted by Gillraw
*Slams cookie onto desk*

*takes cookie* Yoink!
07/10/2012 13:57Posted by Doomsinger
*Slams cookie onto desk*

*takes cookie* Yoink!

Yo. That was my last one )':

Never. Trust. Deathknights.

Well, I guess I'm off out again to get more..
On a more serious note, please don't create a new thread about this in Technical Support or Customer Support. I've linked a Support Agent to this thread, and it's easier for them if you keep the discussion in one place so they don't have to keep up-to-date on multiple threads.
And next time I go to Orgrimmar I paint all houses pink.
Phear my power ! *Grrrrr*
07/10/2012 13:54Posted by Doomsinger
It's obviously the Forsaken.

Sorry.. I pressed the big red button and sent a blight nuke onto Orgrimmar. Wont happen again.
Ghostcrawler wanted the Creepjackers achievement for his guild and hit his I win button:)

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