Orgrimmar dead

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The time between them on draenor seems to be getting shorter
Happened on Draenor again, any idea what is causing it or if GM is gona look into this?
Brb,going at orgri with popcorn.
this is just daft
Same happened on my server my combat log says i was killed by a kurzen Ravenger ?
07/10/2012 15:06Posted by Gillraw
I wouldn't be surprised if it was an upset DK that was behind all of this

I asure you, I haven't stolen any cloaking technology lately that could allow me to walk around, killing people indescriminately and completely unchecked!

*Puppy eyes*
Working as intended. from one of the times it happend on Ragnaros for those of you who dont belive it
07/10/2012 15:20Posted by Rygerko from one of the times it happend on Ragnaros for those of you who dont belive it

This day shall go down in history.
omg wtf is going on on Al'akir a lv 1 orc is flying around orgrimmar killing people HAHAHAHA
i keep dieing every 3-4mins in org. everyone at same time. floor littered with corpses.

blue post?
Hakkar you bad boy!
maybe they are secretly testing some hardcore level gameplay and need to check how the servers can handle multiple mass continental death levels?

ya know. world of dead souls craft? :P
you diedcraft?
world of warcraft-hellsbells difficulty rating. only the truly insane try it XD
after all.. one or two games are famous enough to get songs about it (check the escapist miricle of sound ' you died' song if you want to see what i mean)
Blame the alchemists and their philosopher stone making.
Al-Qaeda started playing wow from the looks of it
It seems the Mayan calender was right, and the apocalypse is upon us!
How do we kill that which have no life?!
Lol! World Event :)
Is this still happening on servers? It seems to have died down- if you excuse the pun. Hahaha...ha...
This is happening in America too. WTF is going on?????????

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