Orgrimmar dead

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looks like the attacker moved from the us to the eu after they were tracked and booted.
anyone know *WHY* this person is attackig? the lulz the anger at CRZ or longtime quewing? maybe?

Some people quit by making angry posts on the forum.

This guy probably wanted to make his passing more memorable by hacking superpowers and demolishing server populations, lol

(It might also explain why low pop-servers don't see as many of these attacks, as there'd been too little 'audience')
Here's a video of one the attacks. This happend on Twisting Nether EU!
Whoever it is, why are they doing it now?? It's 2-ish weeks after MoP release, nothing significant is happening.

Except Brewfest.
I just logged out for 3 hours and then something starts to happen, damn.
Would it be bad to say, that i know who's behind this?
07/10/2012 17:52Posted by Newsneezuz
Would it be bad to say, that i know who's behind this?

Tell us! If you know...
And no, it's not bad, if you tell us.
Time to get the "Ambassador" fishing achievement finished then. :D
Btw, they have stopped nao?
07/10/2012 15:37Posted by Elyndrà
How do we kill that which have no life?!

LOL +1 kinda mess =D
I wish I could have a time machine so I could replace the 'Theramore Event' with this. Also probably would make my past self get some cookies. kinda mess =D

Song name please :D
This is madness !!! ...
07/10/2012 16:03Posted by Notfur

Ragefirst Casm ! :-D
La grande typo !

Edit: Well, more than just a typo, ofcourse.
ahwell kinda mess =D

You made a 3 minute video of a not so very good still image ?!
So they blocked these attacks from the US servers as soon as possible but they didn't even recognize that it happens on the EU aswell? Sure says a lot about how they treat their EU customers. Scumbag Blizzard indeed.
How can such a thing happen though? I would expect this kind of thing in a browser game, but on WoW? Inconceivable.

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