Fist Weapons Disappear With Jab?

Whats the point of using weapons if you cant even see them with Jab anyway?

We got enough melee skills with kicks and punches. At least allow us to see out hard earned weapons for our energy generator.

I mean...Isnt there a glyph for this? If anyone wants his weapons disappear that desperately then he can use that.

Please fix this. Please at least allow Monks to show their weapons once in a while in combat...

It saddens me that I'm having weapons I don't use. Feels stupid TBH.

"Geez, I have dis legendaries on ma back, but LEMME PUNCH YA IN DA FACE!"
I love the fact that there is a glyph that is completely useless because game does the glyph purpose itself automatically. Must be fixed asap.

The weird thing is, I saw the same question asked in Beta and someone actually stated that its completely fine, because Monks hit stuff with martial arts and Monk looked terrible in Diablo3 with weapons. Now I think that more than %70 of Monk community has some kind of a virtual contagious brain disease.
+1 for viewable weps
I just want hide wep feature ;O
Yes i agree.. It's rather boring fighting with just your fists all the time and not showing the weapons. I like the class but avoiding fist weapons untill they actualy show while fighting.
here here, All other weapons are shown for jab so why not fist weapons, Also the hand wraps from the monk vendors have no skin at least on a human. I would like to see maybe some hand bandages and maybe also hand bandages that are not tied properly that be nice.

I approve of this thread.

Come on Blizzard, show fist weapons.
The idea of Monks was that you were only meant to use your weapons for powerful finishing moves, not ALL OF THE TIME. Blizzard have it right the amount you use your weapons.

you know what i meant.
bump regardless of horrid pun above :P
Bump! :)
05/10/2012 19:33Posted by Soku
I just want hide wep feature ;O

There is. Glyph of Jab
As there are already threads on this topic, I'll lock this one down too.

Please be aware that posting things such as "Bump" or "+1" with no further information to back up your opinion does absolutely nothing for a thread except increase the likeliness it'll be locked due to the lack of constructive discussion :(

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