Motes of harmony & Windwool Cloth Farm

Hey guys my name is Toxtor on the Eu - Bloodhoof server. While i was leveling i stumbled upon a place in dread wastes that actually is really good for this sort of farm, since alot of people despretly need motes of harmoy i thought this would be the perfect place to farm it on :)
a) iron mantid is weak. Angel of death is even stronger. Use Raining blood if you have it if not use the aoe exploder bombs

b) more importantly battle hymn. Battle hymn will heal you for each hit you do after killing one, so aoe'ing means you can heal to full just from attacking.

Using these 2 doesn't mean you have to be a shadow priest or tank. Noone else can stack up iron mantid reasonably.

c) These packs do not respawn fast enough by themselves to farm, you will need to kill other things or stand on the spine while waiting for respawns.

d) Noone will ever need windwool cloth in 5.X
Yes angel of death is something i forgot to mention.
B, I didn't say that.
C, Actually they do, since there are 2 points if u had taken a look to the link :P
d, you'll never know when u need windwool cloth, i assume you will need it down the road in these patches.

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